Chapter 1

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Aria was walking into the classroom once again after being gone for one year. If felt weird. Alison was missing and there was a huge hole that no one could really fill. She was following Emily, trying to catch up with all that's been happening all year.
"So I hear the new teacher is really hot", Emily said, walking to her desk. Aria had just taken the seat next to her, as a pretty blonde entered the room.
"Is that Hanna?", Aria asked.
"She's the it girl now", Emily said. Shocked, Aria watched Hanna as a smaller brunette followed her. "Where there's Hanna, there's Mona", Emily stated.
Aria couldn't believe her eyes.
"That's Mona?", she asked, not being able to hide her surprise.
"Can you believe it?" Aria turned towards Emily, mouth open.
"Wow, talk about a Makeover.", she said, still a little shocked.
Hanna waved in a superior kind of way and Aria waved back, as she noticed she was being ignored and her smile faded.
"What's up with her? Are you two fighting?", she asked.
"We didn't just fall out of touch with you, Aria", Emily explained.
"We all fell out of touch with each other."
Spencer entered the room, Aria was following her with her eyes.
"They're not so close anymore, either."
"So they're friendly, but not friends." Aria nodded, understanding.

The bell rang and everyone went to their place and took out their stuff. Aria heard the new teacher, writing his name on the blackboard.
If he really was as hot as Emily said he was? Well, even if, she took out her notebook and began writing. English was her favorite class and hot teacher or not, she wanted to make a good impression on her first day back after one year Iceland. Not just with the new teacher but with everyone.
He stopped writing and she looked up, to learn his name as well as seeing if Emily was right. And yes, she was. Absolutely. He was gorgeous with his dark hair and shining blue eyes, she could see them perfectly from where she was sitting. He apparently had felt her staring at him because he turned his head and looked her directly in the eyes.
Oh my God.
The other students must have caught them staring because everyone seemed to turn towards her.
How embarrassing!
She felt her cheeks getting warm and she was sure, they were a nice shining red, not to overlook. She broke the eye contact and looked at the blackboard instead. Mr. Fitz it read. Well, at least now she knew his name. And after this incident she probably wouldn't have to write it down to remember it.

These eyes. He could get lost in them. This pretty hazel tone, not really brown, but not really green either. They were sparkling with life and he got the feeling that they had seen way more than the usual sixteen year old would have seen under normal circumstances.
She broke the contact and looked up to the blackboard, cheeks flushed, most of the students turned toward her about to turn back.
Well, it seemed like he couldn't just get lost in these eyes, but he just did. Hell, this was a classroom, he was supposed to teach these people something. Not stare at their eyes.
He cleared his throat and tried to concentrate on what he had planned for this lesson. Oh yeah, right.
"So, I thought that as I'm new to you and you are new to me, we could do a little something so I could get to know you better and learn your names better. Please take out a sheet of paper and just write down what you think makes you you, what makes you a little special. This will not be graded, but I will read it and it will be the first impression I get of you, so I suggest you take it seriously. Also, if you have any questions you would like me to answer, just write them down at the bottom. Feel free to ask anything you want, though an answer is not guaranteed, depending on what you want to know."
It was important, he thought, to give the pupils the same right to ask questions that he had. They we're no babies anymore and if there was something important they felt they needed to know, they should have the right to ask. Without being embarrassed in front of the whole class, if he chose not to answer or something like that.
While everyone began writing he sat down and tried to sort his thoughts. How could it be that this girl, his student could mess with his mind more than anyone else before her? They didn't even exchange a single word. He knew nothing about her. And even if he did. It wouldn't change the fact that for at least one year from now he would be her teacher. And even if that wouldn't be the case. She still was still six years younger than him. If not more. Gosh, he really needed to stop this. Right now.
He took out his laptop and opened his writing program. For a long time now, he had tried writing all over and over again. But just in the last year, he had gotten the feeling that he really could pull this off. So he used every free minute to note his thoughts and ideas so he wouldn't forget them and go on writing and researching about the crime novel he's been working on for almost a year now. The very same, that made him realize how much he wanted to to this, to write, in the first place. Also, he was working on some short stories, some of them had already been published and that was something that made him really proud, even though he hadn't really told anyone because he didn't want to brag. He also kept an online journal, but it was more for fun, the real problems and difficulties he had to face, he liked to keep private. Especially after he chose to do teaching as a livelihood. More and more people were surfing pages like this and he couldn't risk one of his students finding his journal and knowing all about him.
Private things had to stay private. Especially in a small town like Rosewood where everyone knew everyone and rumors spread faster than anywhere else. Or so he had the feeling.
He started surfing the internet and after a while he found himself at the school website. He knew it was somewhat wrong, but on one hand, it wasn't like anyone knew what he was doing or what motives he had and on the other hand he had to look up all their faces anyways. It didn't help him if they wrote down all the informaton that existed about them if he hadn't a face to connect these things with. It only took him a few blocks and there she was. Aria Montgomery. The picture seemed to be a little older because she looked at least one or two years younger and she had pink strands in her hair. But the eyes we're the same. Before he could get lost in them he clicked the picture away and started looking for the other twenty or something students that were also assigned to his class. He just got to the last one, always trying to already connect the face with the name, so he would have less work later that day, even though the only one he would recognize so far was Aria. He looked at his watch. Tree minutes to go.
"Okay everyone", he said.
"I hope you used your time efficiently and got to write down all the things you wanted to. I will collect your papers now, please make sure you have your name on it and I will see you all tomorrow."

Aria looked down on her sheet, double checking that her name was on it, and looked again at the question she wrote down. Actually there were two things she wanted to know, but she wasn't sure if she had the courage to ask. But hell, what better chance did she get than now? It wasn't like she would ever be brave enough to ask him personally and so this was probably her only chance. Plus, when he didn't want to answer, there would be no awkward moment or anything because when he read the question she wouldn't be there to witness his missing answer. She just finished her last word, as Mr. Fitz arrived at her desk. "May I?", he asked and extended his hand to accept her paper. "Of course", Aria answered with a shy smile. While handing over her work, her hand brushed his. Her stomach instantly turned into a nest of butterflies. For a moment their eyes linked, than he turned away, continuing with collecting the other student's work. Aria stood up and left the classroom, alone, as she didn't really have any friends she had to wait for anymore and went to her locker for the supplies she needed for her next class. She couldn't help thinking of Mr. Fitz though. She knew it was stupid and if anyone ever found out, she would be the talk of whole Rosewood, but then again, she probably was by far not the only one. Emily was the one who said he was hot and so thought almost every other female attender of Rosewood High School who had already laid eyes on him. She knew it was ridiculous. Still she couldn't bann his eyes or the touch of his hand out of her head.

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