The Questioning

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They sat in silence for several minutes, unable to decide who should ask the questions first. "Why did you leave," Sirius finally asked, taking it upon himself to break the horrid silence. "I had to Sirius. Do you really ever think I wanted to? When Voldemort came after my family, I was away. After they died, My only option was to hide, and this was the protection that was given to me. I was never able to tell you, and for that I am very sorry," Marlene explained sadly. Sirius, though slightly put out by her protection, smiled at her slightly.

"Marley, why here of all places," Remus asked. "The provider of my protection, of whom I am unable to reveal to you, gave me this house. Until today that portrait door has only ever been opened once, and that was by the one that has given me this, heavily protected, sanctuary," She answered truthfully. Finally, Lyrica spoke up, wanting to know something from her mother desperately, "Mum? The letter you left me said that you already knew we were coming. How?" Marlene grimaced, "There are more than one reason that I am stuck here, the first was for my own, and others, safety firm Voldemort and his followers. The second is because I have been given a terrible curse in payment to my protector. Fate has revealed itself to me. However, this is how fate must play out. Lyrica is to be in the future while I am doomed to the past. There is nothing to dissuade fate, I've tried. However, since I am to be trapped here until my death, I have been given the gift of knowledge, which is not commonly bestowed upon people condemned to die, yet in my case it is this and my debt to my protector. I've know about all that is to happen to me since I was placed here, this house is magical and has Ancient Magic flowing through its frame. I can't seem to rid myself of this knowledge. The only thing I was allowed to do in an attempt to change the past or future was send two letters. I have not sent them yet, at least in this time. Lyrica was sent hers shortly before she got here."

Lyrica sighed, thinking that was the case, her mother was hunted for a knowledge she could not share (given to her by the one protecting her no less), and her death was that of which was unavoidable. "I miss you Mum," Lyrica sniffed as she walked over to her mother. "Oh, darling, don't cry. For the ones that love us never truly leave us, and we will forever be in your heart. Everyone you care about will, dead or alive, and that is all the difference. Missing us is to be expected, yet do not dwell on it please, my dearest girl," Marlene cooed, saying some things she thought was rather like that of which Sirius would say. Lyrica hugged her mother in that moment, neither could tell you how long the hug actually lasted, but Sirius later swore that it was quite a deal of time.

It was several hours later, and everyone was gathered in Marlene's round, comfortable, lounge. The atmosphere was both relaxed and curious. What happened to make the children change fate? Why did Marlene accept such a terrible bargin for protection that could have easily been given by another? It was Fred who finally decided to ask his questions, "Um shouldn't we gather the others? Such as Bill and Charlie." The others jumped at his sudden announcement, but they quickly summoned the eldest Weasley brothers from their jobs. Not even twenty minutes later, the two came tumbling out with Fleur Delacour in tow. Everyone was startled by her appearance, so she explained as briefly as possible to the paranoid group, "I was weeth Beel when 'Ou zum'nd 'im. Ees eet alright eef I join? I have alr'dee joined dee or'dear." No one, not even the ones that supported her had any idea of what to say. One question stayed in their mind, what force was gathering them all together? Why these people, and who else would join them! Is this where their fate begins to change, or will it forever be sealed because of a memory charm possibly waiting in the future?

A/N- I am very sorry for how long it took me to get this up, especially with the length of it! If it wasn't obvious, I had some very mild writer's block, yet I do believe most of it is gone. I'll try to make it longer next time! However, school and after school commitments (not spots or school related things) have been keeping me from working on any of my stories really. Also, I need to find a way to end this story because I feel as if it is just going on continuously. Do you guys want more Blackinnon (Sirius and Marlene that is), Lyrica/Frank, or Rebecca/Patrick? I want to know which pairing you want me to focus on in the next chapter, which will have one more character, and then possibly the end chapter. Anyways, if you haven't noticed, I can't do French accents to save my life! It doesn't help that I take German. I really hope I didn't affect anyone because I never meant to. Please tell me which pairing to focus on and remember that I love all you lovelies!
~Lizzie The Fork Queen

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