Chapter 1: Rejected

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  A/N: So this is my second Aomine Fanfiction. ANDDDDD this has nothing to do with my former fanfic Home Alone With Aomine Daiki. :) I repeat. This is NOT the sequel to HAWAD. The story is on reader, Aomine Daiki and Momoi who are all orphans and are brought up toge

"Aomine-kun!" You smiled widely as u ran towards the tan guy. He was in the mudfield, catching lobsters as usual. Momoi was there, she was sitting under the tree, watching the small leaves grow.

"Oi! Don't jump on me like that." Aomine complained when you glomped on him. You grinned cheekily.

"Gomen gomen, Aomine-kun. Guess what!" Your eyes sparkled with excitement.

"What?" Aomine frowned.

"School's starting tomorrow!!!" You said as you jumped around with glee.

"What's fun about that? Boring old school, boring old ways." He replied gruffly before continuing catching lobsters.

"Aee. Dai-chan. School is fun." Momoi interjected in the conversation.


Somehow, you felt sad. Deep down, you had a crush on him since you first saw him 12 years ago. But he had always been kind to Momoi. Well, at least better than how he treats you.

Momoi gets to call him Dai-chan. You were stuck with Aomine-kun because he was annoyed by "you" calling him "Dai-chan".

He always found you annoying. That or he found you as his personal slave. You had to do his homeworks.

5 years old...

"Hehehehe. Aomine-kun! Catch me if you can!!!" You said as you ran around the place. Momoi was also in the game of childish tag. Aomine was the one to catch.

You were running around when you suddenly slid on mud and fall. Momoi tripped on your leg and fell too, but she fell on you.

You looked down at your hands and knees. They were scraped. Your elbows were bleeding. Aomine ran over to the two of you and helped Momoi up.

"Oi, Satsuki. Are you okay?" He asked as he examined Momoi.

"Daijyoubu. It was just a scratch on my forearm." Momoi smiled.

"But that scratch is going to leave a scar." Aomine frowned before escorting her back into the house for first aid kid. You lay there... on the mud.... ignored by everyone.

You cried to yourself silently. You looked at your legs. Bruised. Scraped. Scars. There was not once Aomine had cared about you whenever you fell. However, he would always be there to laugh his head off.

Then they came out again. Momoi's eyes widened when they met you. She ran towards you

"[Name]~ Are you okay?" She smiled, but her smiles disappeared when she saw the big open cut on your knee which was bleeding, along with the scrapes on your elbows. She touched them and you winced.

"I-I'm okay." You said, holding back your tears. You got up slowly. And attempted to walk, wincing every once when it hurt. Aomine just stood there, watching you walk.

When you reached to him at the doorstep...

"Hahahaha. How useless are you to fall like that? Baaka." He laughed before hitting the back your head.

You concealed your tears, not wanting to show Aomine how much of a cry baby you were. You put on a small smile.

"But i-It doesn't hurt! Really! It doesn't hurt at all!" You said with a half-smile.

Aomine just scoffed and went out to play with Momoi again. You went into your room and cried silently as you applied ointment on your kneecaps, cringing with every sting it makes.

12 years old...

"Ne, Dai-chan!" You grinned, the word Dai-chan slipping out of your mouth. You have been wanting to call him that since forever.

"Tch. I told you not to call me that. It's annoying!" He yelled at you, before bouncing the basketball up and down.

"I want to play basketball too." You said, hiding your disappointment about him yelling at you. You held back your tears, and grinned widely to stop your tears from falling. A tear slipped down your cheek.

"You're so annoying. What are you doing? Crying? PFFTTT." Aomine scowled at you.

You quickly wiped away your tears.

"Aho. What right do you have to cry? How right are you to cry? Tch. You're making me look like a devil. Did I do anything to you? Huh?!" Aomine yelled at you.

It took every single cell in your body not to drop right there and cry.

"No... BUT- but i wasn't crying! Dust... dust got into my eye." You said, your voice shivering and stuttering as you spoke.

"Then go away." He said, pushing you. You fell onto the ground. Tears started streaming down your cheeks. Your hair covered half of your face.

You sobbed as Aomine walked away, leaving you just like that, on the hard concrete floor of the street basketball court...

But... no... you never stopped loving him.

How does love work? Can you tell your heart to stop loving someone? Can you tell your heart who to love? Can you... unlove someone? What... what exactly is love?

14 years old...

"A-Aomine-kun..." You stuttered, catching the attention of the tanned boy. You were standing behind the bench, holding the umbrella out for Aomine and Momoi who were sitting on the bench. Apparently, I wasn't kidding when I said you were his personal slave.

Both Aomine and Momoi turned around to stare at you.

"What?" Aomine frowned, his eyes glinting with boredom and annoyance.

"Can I talk to you? Please?" You then glanced at Momoi. "Alone?"

Momoi just gave you a small smile and stood up to go. But Aomine pulled her hand, successfully stopping her. "Stay." He commanded.

Aomine tch-ed after rolling his eyes. "Whatever you have to say, say it now."

How... How are you supposed to confess to him? Every feeling you had stored for 12 years. You knew it was going to fail. You knew the answer.

But you needed to let go. Let go of the one-sided love you had for Aomine the past 12 years. Accept the fact that you are not meant to be together... And you were 102% sure he was going to reject you.

But saying in front of Momoi? What is she going to do? Laugh at you?

"Well? You're wasting my time." Aomine scowled.

"If you are going to continue being fucking silent then, we'll just go." Aomine said, grabbing Momoi's hand to leave.

"... I- I like you." words slipped out of your mouth before you could stop yourself. You gasped and covered your mouth. You stared at Aomine.

It seemed like hours. Days... Months... Years...

The cool winter breeze blew past you. You could hear the rustling of the leaves, the flapping of bird wings... Time has seemed to have stopped.

Your gaze locked on Aomine who was staring back at you, his face distorted with disbelief and doubt. Momoi had a small smile on her face as if she knew this was going to happen soon.

"Okay." Aomine broke the silence.

Suddenly, time seemed to have moved again. You hid your disappointment.

You just confessed... your feelings... and his reply was what- Okay? Okay WHAT? You looked down at your worn out shoes.

"Baka." Aomine called out. That was his name for you. It was always baka or aho.

You raised your head to look up at Aomine. He had a smirk on his face.

"The only one who can love me is me." He said as he turned around to walk away, grabbing Momoi's wrist.

'Have I... been... rejected? I expected this... right? Then- then... why do I have feeling in my heart? It... hurts...'

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