Chapter 1

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"That's a wonderful name," Zelda said with a smile you nodded shyly "Lets take you to the castle so you can live with me," Zelda said happily, she didn't have many friends the only one her age was Link they were both five making them older by a year.

"O-okay," you reply as they help you up, and you three walk and talk about yourselves to one another till you got to the castle.


"Father, Mother!" Zelda called out, two adults came running into the room "What is it sweetie?" the queen asked, "Is it okay if a friend stays here for a while, her parents abandoned her." Zelda spoke, her parents looked at each other and nodded "That's fine. She will have to learn to act like a princess, though." the king said, "Ah Link is here as well." the Queen's voice said with happiness. You just stood behind the two, you were shy around new people even though you had the triforce of power.

You three hanged out more and played together, you really loved Zelda, you thought of her as a sister you never had and Link as a brother you also never had.

~Time Skip 10 years later~

You still held the three triforces, how you were able to do so, without getting captured was puzzling, you would be a target if you had a triforce, let alone three of them. 

"(Y/n)" Zelda called out you turned around "Yes Zelda?" You asked calmly, "Let's go to the garden, Link has come back from his journey, and wants to see us." Zelda announced, trying to hide a smirk, she was obviously hiding something but would never tell you, you nodded and followed her down the steps and to the garden.

~Your POV~

I was happy I would get to see my best friend again, it had been about four weeks considering he had to go on a mission and become the Hero of Time and all,  we walked to the garden and saw Link in his usual green tunic and hat, he sure does love green.

Link turned around I guess he heard us coming, "(Y/n)!" Link yelled as he ran over to Zelda and me "Hiya!" I said smiling and giving him a hug.

"It has been forever!" I say jokingly, "it has been four weeks (Y/n)" Link said in a matter-of-a-fact tone. I rolled my eyes and the three of us walked over to the table that was in the center of the garden.

We drank our tea and caught up with Link to see how he did and what it was like for him to go on the adventure, it seemed fun, scary and dangerous, but that's always a recipe for adventures it supposed to be that way.

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