Chapter 5

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"Damn," Adrian said for the 3rd time.
"Shut up, Adrian," I said.
"Eddie," I said and face Eddie.
"Truth," he replied.
"Do you like Jill?" I asked. He blushed. "OMG! I knew it!" I exclaimed.
"Mia," he said.
"Dare," she said almost immediately.
"I dare you to kiss Adrian on the lips," he said. Mia groaned and then kissed on Adrian on the lips very quickly.
"Jill," she said.
"I choose... uhh... dare?" Jill replied sounding nervous.
"I dare you to kiss Eddie on the lips for at least 10 seconds," Mia gave Jill her dare. Jill blushed and then crawled over to Eddie to complete the dare. Once she completed the dare, she grabbed a tissue and wiped her lips. All of the girls, including me, laughed. "Mia and I were dared to kiss guys too and we didn't wipe our lips," I said through laughs.
''Mia, I don't know why she didn't wipe hers but you didn't wipe your lips because you like Guardian Belikov," Jill retorted. I opened my mouth to speak but closed it as I felt my cheeks redden. ''He didn't wipe his lips either, do you think he likes Rosie?" Christian said while staring at Dimitri. I looked at Dimitri and saw the slightest blush. It was so slight you had to be close enough to see it. I was sitting next to him and Adrian was on his other side. Adrian must of also seen it because of what he said.
"Ohhhh! He's blushing!" Adrian squealed like a little girl. Everyone except for Dimitri and I laughed. I didn't know what they were laughing at. Adrian's voice or Dimitri's blushing. "Let's play I never!" Liss squealed and everyone agreed.

Lissa got up and went into the kitchen. She came back with 3 buckets of M&Ms. "Damn Liss, why so many?" I asked.
"Who knows how many we'll need," she said.

A/N: MWHAHAHAH! Cliffhanger! What secrets will be revealed while they are playing I Never? Please like, comment and share! Love you all!

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