Chapter 12

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"No we will not move with him not a chance!" 

Not a chance.Specially what happened the other day. 

And also because everytime he tries to kiss or kiss me he's always successful and damn I cant even do anything! I can't let that happen again and again!

I told Lucian that I want us to meet up to talk about the arrangement that we need to set up. There's got to be another way than living with him! He insist that he will pick me up but i declined. This is not a date but an arrangement.

I stop at the restaurant's door that he told me where we will meet. I need to show him that I have all the rights to decide on this matter and he can't boss me around. I breathe in deeply and entered the restaurant.
To my surprise he's already there sitting busy with his phone. I stayed in my position for a while and studied him. From head to toe the man got all he needs to have women drool over him. That's evident from the looks of the women in this restaurant to him. They can't take their eyes off him.

I looked at myself. I wore a Lilac laced blouse and light blue jeans. I look nothing compared to the other women in this restaurant who are wearing elegant clothings. I just shook my head. I don't need to wear anything fancy. I'm not here to impress him or anything. I just need a peaceful conversation with him to end our accidental connection so we could return to our normal lives.

I decided to make my way towards him. When he noticed me he stood up and offered me a chair like a gentleman. I am aware of the stares that the women around us are giving me. I just want to laugh at them.

He smiled at me after he took h
is own chair.

"Lucian I do--

He gestured his hand to stop me.

"Let's eat first Mia. I heard this restaurant offers excellent Italian food. I missed Italian food" He said with a smile on his handsome face that would probably set the women around us on fire. Clearly he is unaware of them or he is just used with those kind of stares women are giving him. I felt a bit frustrated because the stares they're giving me are taking its toll already. Like they're judging me from head to toe.

Or is it because you are also affected by his smile?


What ?!?

No way!!

"A-alright." I Stammered.

He called the waiter and ordered.

"Hmm... Not bad." He commented as he tasted his order.

"So you're an italian?" I asked to open up a conversation. Well basically we are completely strangers . I don't even know what his last name is. The only thing that connects us would be Shilo.. Our son....

Jeez it stills give me chills when I thought about it... I know its just AI and we never had physical contact but it still feels weird....

"Just half. My mom is an american and my dad is an Italian." He answered. I just nodded. Who would have thought Shilo would have italian genes on him. Well Carlie and I did think it through since we were shocked when we saw his grey eyes when Shilo came out. I suddenly chuckled. Everything is to fast to the point that we don't even have a proper introduction. He frowned.

"Sorry I was just thinking about what's happening to us. Its to fast that we don't even bother knowing each other much." I explained. He smiled and nodded.

"Well maybe this is a great time to do the introduction." He smiled. "Care to tell me about yourself miss?" He smiled.

"Well I'm Micah Perez, Filipino,31 years old, single. "We both laughed at that. "I'm an operations manager in a call center agency." I finished my introduction.

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