Text 4

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Warnings: Sad? If that's a warning?
Dan👌🏻: It's lonely without you
Dan👌🏻: I wish I could have saved you
Dan👌🏻: your room still smells like you, and I'm snuggling in the covers
Dan👌🏻: Its's strange that I'm texting you, even though you are gone
Dan👌🏻: I'll be with you soon, and it will be just like the old times, before all this happened
Dan👌🏻: Is it fun up there? I hope so
Dan👌🏻: I love you phil, and I always will, even though you are no longer with me, and these texts won't even reach you
Dan👌🏻: You were going to be the best husband ever

That was so hard to write I nearly cried, although I am very emotional. By the way, THERE WILL BE A PART 2, IT'S NOT OVER YET!

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