"Alice come here" i said , i grabbed Alice's hand and when into Selena future.

"Selena i want to show you something" Jacob yelled and Selena groaned with her hand over her head.

"what Jake my head hurts" She complained and he pulled her out to his car. He opened the door for her and then when to his side.

"Put this on" He said handing her a blind fold. She put it on without any questions and then the vision changed to him pulling up to a big house in the middle of the woods. It looked like it was at least 3 stories and it had a lake in the back. He got her out of the car and put her in front of the house and took off the blind fold.

"Jake" she gasped and the vision ended.

"She's going to heal just fine" i said with a smile and he seemed to relax a little more.

"I cant believe she came after i told her not to" Jake said with a sigh while he ran his hand over his face.

"i can , you know she was just as worried about you as you where about her" I said and my real mom walked downstairs looking angry.

"Can you guys quiet down you may not sleep but i do" She snapped

"actually i sleep just not tonight" Jake added in making us laugh. My mom rolled her eyes.

"So dad can i have money to go shopping with Alice" i asked Emmitt and my real mom looked shocked

"ask your mother" He sighed and i smiled because i know im about to get my way.

"No" my real mom said , i rolled my mom and looked at Rosalie.

"Momma Rosalie can i have some money and go shopping with Alice" i asked and she smiled

"Yes but your only getting 50" She said and dad handed me a 50.

"thanks" i said kissing him and Rosalie on the cheek. I looked over and seen Jake passed out on the couch , i chuckled and walked outside. I heard my mothers thoughts and i knew she was following me.

"so there your parents now" She asked getting smart.

"yeah , because i will live forever and one day everyone i love and care about will be dead" i said

"so your not going to turn me and matt" She asked hurt. I turned away from her and looked into the woods.

"no im not" i said and took off into the woods.


Hours later

I woke up to my side hurting , trust me that's the worst way to wake up. God this hurt bad , the badge was tight and covered my boobs and had my right arm casted to my left shoulder. My body temper is still hot , my temper only rose when i was angry what's going on am i still running a fever.

"SETH" i yelled out , i want to get out of bed but im not sure how since my arms all badged to my shoulder.

"yes" He asked walking into my room

"i want to get up but im not sure how" i said kinda embarrassed. He laughed and helped me up.

"Carlisle didn't lie when he said your temper would never fall back down to normal , now your just as hot as us" Seth laughed and so did i.

"oh well now i'll never get cold'' i laughed and he helped me walk downstairs. Im in my badge and sweats.

"look who it is" Embry laughed

"yup its me" i said laughing

"you had Jake scared" Embry said

"i feel bad about that , but that leech was going right at him what was i suppose to do" i asked shrugging. My nose started to burn with a sickly sweet smell , it was strong like a new born , it made me want to get sick. I looked over at Embry and Seth and we handed towards the door.

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