I never knew a juvinel delinquint could fall in love with the most powerful vampire in the world 11

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I leaned into her and brought my lips to her ear. I kissed it softly and blew over the area I kissed. I raped my arms around her and completed the process to the other ear just to feel her shiver under me. Yes, I liked to know how my touch affected her, which apparently a lot. But I spoke to soon or thought to soon because she suddenly squirmed away from me.

"Nate....i need to talk to you." I expected her to keep going but she just kept standing there staring at me as If I needed to respond.

"Okay...what is it?" I mean really she just agreed to marry me...I really don't want to talk just....well yeah.

"This morning...well I couldn'tttttttt tell you I loved you because I thought I might like Roycedon't't't't't't'at leastastastastastastastst I dontthink I likeRoycebut im notsureanymore....wellactuallyi sawhimbasicallyrapingthis girlinthebathroomwithericanditfreekedmeoutandimscared....Areyoumad?"

I was dumbfounded. I couldn't actually comprehend what she was saying but I heard enough...but I was speechless. "Wait...What?" She looked like she was about to speak but I held up a hand motioning her to stop. "You saw....Royce and Eric raping a girl I a bathroom, but before that you had feelings for him?!?!!!" God what Royce did was unsurprising but Natalie liked him!!

She looked nervous now but the hell she should be after telling me this, and we had just made up! God damn it!

"P-please Nate don't be mad at me, I l-love you. And I always liked you more then him, the way you make me feel. It's different..." She was a complete stuttering mess, but who cares!

"The hell...!" As soon as I began to yell I stopped. She was crying now, tears were pouring from her eyes as if there was no tomorrow. Oh, shit...did I make her do that? My heart went numb, how could I...make her cry like that? Even in the rain it was clearly visible. Great going Nate.

"Natalie, don't cry." she completely ignored my attempt to comfort her so slowly I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me. Nothing. She just stood there stiff with tears pouring from her eyes. Hmm...this is going to take drastic measures.

"Please, Im sorry I shouldnt have yelled like that" She looked up to me now with her blue eyes and I couldn't help but kiss her. Gently I told myself. Be as gentle as possible. But being a teenage boy and all I lost control and my gentle was not so gentle. But she definatley was not complaining. She had wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me closer as she attacked my mouth which I being a gentleman returned the favor.

"I want you....forever....Nate.....oh god Nate." She was breaking free every so often whispering things to me which I found incredibly sexy. God I need her now, right now. I was just about trembling with need as I tried to pull of her shirt. But she resisted, and I was getting restless. I don't know if I could take this much longer...


He was suddenly kissing me! When I was crying, how dare he! But I couldn't stop....oh god I couldn't, damn you Nate! Without even asking me first my legs wrapped around him and I felt something hard jab my stomach. Oh god again...was he...okay this has to stop. As soon as I tuned in to what I was doing an urge so powerful shook through me body and threatened my legs to turn to jelly. And the shocking realization that I wanted him to take me here right now in the middle of the forest scared the shit out of me. It scared me so much I didn't even realize I was whispering to him. Oh. I felt his hands gliding up and down my sides but then he made his way up my shirt and tried to tug over my head.