Black Water (Chapter 13)

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"That's quite a shiner on your face Ali," Cameron laughed, as I sat down at the table for lunch. I glowered at him and picked up my fork to place a twirl of pasta into my mouth. Cameron didn't that the look on my face as a warning I didn't want to be spoken to. He leaned across the plates and drinks to gently pulled my chin up to inspect the damage. He whistled slowly, and I pulled my head away in time to see Jez walking towards the table with a frown on her face. She reached the table and flopped down throwing a red slip of paper on the table as she did.

"Stupid, Jerk ass twat," she grumbled to herself before launching into a rapid Spanish rant. I caught two things, Mr Joy, and 'Gilipollas' which I knew from Jez's attempts meant Bastard. It doesn't take a genius to work out what she was saying.

"Jez," Cameron said interrupting her flow of Spanish. He pointed to himself. "American." He said simply.

Jez smiled "I was just saying how evil Mr Joy is. He gave me a freakin' detention," she exclaimed. Cameron and I said nothing and just put our food into our mouths. "You're supposed to be horrified at the cruelty of Mr Joy."

 "You did punch somebody in the face," Cameron countered, then realised it was the wrong thing to say as a hunk of bread flew past his head.

"Humour me," Jez replied simply. Cameron laughed and then put a serious face on, stood the bench, took a deep breath and then...

"HOW COULD MR JOY BE SO CRUEL!" he yelled at the top of his voice, causing everybody in the canteen to turn and give him questioning looks. Cameron sat back down, and picked up his fork as if nothing had happened. I wondered why I hung out with such odd people.

During the course of lunch, a total of eight people commented on my black eye. Two of them I wasn't sure if I had even seen them before. Kayla was the final one to comment on it as she and Jeremy walked into the canteen arm in arm.

"Oooo, Paige got you good,"she said as we budged up to let her sit down.

"Thanks for the reminder," I said, receiving a bruise at the hands of Paige was rather embarrassing.

"You're..." Kayla began but someone approaching from the door of the canteen interrupted her. "Looks like you have an admirer," Kayla said nodding at something behind my head. I turned and saw Jarred lent against one of the pillars looking directly at me. Kayla giggled when I turned my head back. "Go talk to him dummie," she said kicking me in encouragement under the table. I sighed and stood up preparing myself for a whole ton of awkward.

"Hey," I said to him as I approached.

"Hey," he replied quietly, sucking his piercing in and out again. We stood there for a moment or two that felt like longer without saying anything.

"So, how are you feeling?" I asked, looking for something to talk about, and wishing I had stayed sat down. Despite me not being repulsed by him anymore, talking to a murder made me feel slightly socially retarded.

"Fine, good." Jarred smiled, he looked happy for a moment before turning more serious. "What you did, was... Well I won't forget it." He stumbled on the words looking embarrassed. We fell silent again, I smiled uncomfortably, and he returned it. Somebody then chose that moment to walk past and wolf whistled, making the situation even more uncomfortable if that were even possible. 

"So what are you doing for the rest of the day?" I asked him.  Jarred shrugged his shoulders.

"Do you want to hang out with me and the guys? We're going to have a pool party," I suggested to him. Kill me now; I was acting so nervously, I was even twiddling my hair. Yes twiddling.

"Sure," Jarred said before walking off towards the dorm. I wasn't sure whether I should have been mortified at my hair twiddling or happy at the fact Jarred didn't seem to notice.

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