The slideshow to the side there is of Requiem who is played by yummy Chace Crawford. Anywho enjoy :)


Chapter 1

"You're me and I'm you!" Zillah yelled; though her voice sounded oddly familiar to someone else's, mine.

There standing before me was... me. How this could be explained to someone who had no idea as to what was going on would be that my sister and I had just switched bodies. No joke, we were now walking, talking and breathing out of one another's bodies. Here I was with long hair and pink pajamas, while my sister wore my boxers and wife beater.

"Now that you have ever so kindly stated the obvious let's try and solve the problem," I retorted back.

Zillah was such a drama queen and she made my body look like a girl. The way she had her hip stuck to one side. Then again here I was slouching and snapping my jaw, which was not attractive for a girl at all.

How had this happened? I have no idea; all I remember was waking up as a girl and believe me when I say that it was different.

"Ugh, Requiem you did this, didn't you!" It was not a question at all, more of a direct accusation.

"Yeah good job, you caught me," I said in a sarcastic tone, "I used my magical powers to switch both our bodies so that I could wake up as my least favourite person in the world. You are one good detective."

She just glared at me and it was weird because for once I was not terrified. Since she was in my body she did not look threatening at all. So this was why she was not afraid of me. I wonder if this made me the terrifying one. I glared back at her. I swear I saw her flinch.

"Hey! You can't use my master glare powers against me!" she barked at me, once again not threatening at all.

"Yeah? Says you and what army?" I smirked, this might actually be fun, besides the fact that I was now in a girl's body.

If this was any other case this experience would have made me a pervert but this case was just disgusting. I did not want to see her... anything as a matter-of-fact. Ugh, why did she have to be my sister! All I want to do is go back to my old body. Where I won't smell like vanilla and wear nail polish. I wanted my body back; I missed my boxers and short hair. Believe it or not but her hair weighed me down. How can people stand this much hair? All I want to do is cut it all off, but Zillah would probably kill me if I did, so... I'll do it later.

"What now?" Zillah asked panicked, she really worried a lot.

But to be honest at this point I was also scared out of my mind. I mean waking up as my twin sister was not exactly my every day routine. You know wake up, brush my teeth, and comb my crazy long hair.

Nope, not use to this at all.

What had happened last night? Onward with the recap!

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