Fck your Pride (SEKAI)

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*WARNING slightangst *

"I am just sick of it , Jongin" , he hisses , sliding downwards the easy chair as he ruffles through his own hair in frustration. The said boy leans against the wall while having his arms crossed in front of his chest , taking a deep breath before speaking up. "What do you expect of me?" Sehun suddenly raises his head and eyes him without any readable facial expression. Did Kim Jongin seriously just ask this? As if he had expected something in the first pace!

Oh Sehun and Kim Jongin had become friends not too early when they met each other for the first time in school. From judging glances to being seat mates almost everywhere had them develop a close friendship. While Jongin was starting to get famous among the people , Sehun focused on his studies like his parents told him to. Well , the two ended up being stuck together next to each other in class and the next step of hanging out in a bubble tea shop followed right after. Fate and College leaded them to become roommates within the start of hard work. It was easier for the younger Sehun though until he realized that girls started to get interesting after puberty. Same goes to Jongin who got overwhelmed with thousands of their numbers and it was also kinda impressive how full Sehun's calendar got with dates. No wonder , their relationships didn't last longer than a week.

Still Jongin felt being a little overprotective over his dongsaeng meanwhile Sehun heated up with jealousy many times because of his hyung afterwards. However , they never could've imagined that these yet little changes, made their feelings grow.
They'd never admit how fast their heartbeat panted against their chest like crazy. Lastly, Jongin was the first one to make a move and appariantly , both playboys meant to turn the friendship into a passionate relationship with a rollercoaster road of up and downs.
This day, is definitely one of their downs.
"Don't act dumber than you're actually are!" , Sehun mumbles for himself even though the other has heard anyways. He doesn't care anymore . Hell, he dares him not to care anymore. "Sehun, stop raising your voice at me!", the elder warns him , causing Sehun to swallow another comment.
Well, obviously they keep their endless kissing sessions somewhere nobody is, whisper tempting words when they're in public and act like they're not thinking of ripping each others clothes off in lesson. Now the he sad truth is , they can't let know that the two baddest but charming kinkas have a thing for eachother. But the 'thing' they are having, is called love which is way near the feel hurt. Actually, it hurts the most when Kai knows he can't carress his one and only's hair in the middle of talking, can't dare to grab him by the waist against his body from behind to make sure he is the luckiest among them all. Or Sehun who suffers resisting Jongin's plump goods called lips , neither he can let his Hand slip underneath his shirt whenever he wants to even if he owns every inch of him.
But the past days it has gotten worse...until Sehun couldn't take that childish game anymore.
"Sehun-ah , look we can-" ,Kai tries to approach him in a soft tone but the younger snaps back instantly :"No, we can't. That's how it has always been. You can't show how much you like me in public yeah. I got it but you act like as if I was asking you to make out with me in the middle of the street!"
As Jongin raises his eyebrow, Sehun buckles himself up the chair to meet his lovers eyes and crosses his arms with his veins peeking out.
"Why are you only involving me , huh? You agreed to this as well!" , Jongin almost shouts across the livingroom. Sehun lets out a chuckle in disbelief before taking a step further in anger :"But I am not the one who's flirting with girls next to his goddamn boyfriend!"
A sudden silence overtakes their hopeless yelling and shouting. And Sehun almost can't resists Kai's half lided eyes. Almost.
"You know I am not interested in those", he mumbles quietly. He does avoid the youngers deep stare digging into his sides because it makes him feel so weak.. the way Sehuns words hit him, his motionless face features, his closing distance. It makes him go crazy. " Tell me, hyung. " , his voice remains still , his breath hitting Jongin's ear.
"Is your pride worth it instead of me?"

~ ~ ~ ~

The sleepless night tugs on Kai's chest as the last words were spoken but never forgotten. Jongin is aware of how's Sehun feeling but the way that simple sentence rolled off his lips... made him realize the amount of pain he has left him with. He isn't going to lie though, he had really played around with girls during periods , causing him to get that attention he'd always consisted of. But what if any attention he needed was Sehuns? If any words were related to him only when he talked behind his back? What if he had been selfish and only followed the crowd? And Sehun still waited , no matter how long, at home so eager to embrace him again.
"Fuck.", Kai curses sliding back his blankets and taking a hold of his own hair. But there is another reason to freak out because he was late for the lesson twice in this week. Stealing a glance to his roommates empty bed, he sprints across the hall.
Sehun traces his long fingers the pencil he's holding , chewing at the end of the fabric. A soft sigh escapes his lips the moment faces the blank seat next to him. Actually, he would've woken up his hyung like everyday because he could tell the best how much of a heavy sleeper Kai was. Well, it seemed right to fight against it for once. He isn't so sure when suddenly Jongin bursts in the class.
Out of the blue, every single laughter stops and all pair of eyes lead to the panting mess in the doorway. A few hints of sweat remains on his wisp of hair , he shrugs the homily off with a small smile and makes his way to his seat while Sehun watches him.
In the rush he has even wore Sehuns oversized white shirt without noticing. As soon as Jongin plumps down the chair, the assistant teacher continues his speech and Sehuns eyes are focused on the whiteboard.
" Dude, where have you been? ", one classmate named Tao shouts carelessly. "I thought -"
"ZITAO TURN AROUND AND PAY ATTENTION" , the teacher darts in before the said boy can respond. "Talk to the hand" , Tao rolls his eyes.
"I thought he would wake me up", Kai breathed out even though he knows he doesn't listen anymore. But Sehun doesn't dare to look into his eyes.
The ring bells shortly after and exactly when Kai is about to reach out to grab his dongsaengs shoulder, a few females interrupt him with a cute whining sound . " Oppa! You wanna eat lunch together? " ,Krystal giggles. Sehun actually stops when he hears the voice of Jongin's ex girlfriend in reflex. "Uhm , Sorry I have something to -"
"Of course, Kim Kai has time."
This time It wasn't the voice of Jongin, the girls or neither of Tao's. "I bet he loves to, doesn't he?" Sehun hides his palms beneath his pockets in a strong manner and that appearance makes Kai's eyes widen.
"What are you talking about?! Are you done scolding me for nonesense?!" , Kai didn't mean to yell but it just happens. And the atmosphere is that tight , everyones eyes are on the two boys. "You call it nonesense ?! Am I that meaningless , huh?" ,Sehun shouts , having a hard time staring into his lovers dark eyes.
"Damnit , listen -" The loud sound of Kai hammering the table with this fist lets everyone shriek in surprise.
Even Sehun backs away.
"Listen, will you?" ,Jongin starts.
"Sehun you mean everything to me , okay? Every second I am with you, I still feel lonely , I still feel alone because I can't reach you. The selfish me, who hasn't cared about you ... is so damn sorry." Kai takes a deep breath.
"I am so sorry. I am so sorry for making you mine and not allowing you to make me yours."
Sehun lowers his head but Jongin steps closer to him. "But I will never regret for making you my pride"
And within these last words, Kai digs his fingertips into the back of Sehuns neck and pulls him against his own body. Sehun's strength loosens the longer the hug remains and he grips upon Kai's upper body to hold onto him closer. Jongin doesn't care anymore as he slightly parts away the other's arms just to press his lips against his. They don't notice the way everyone around them is reacting, they cared for too long. Sehun smirks into the kiss while tugging shamelessly on Kai's lips meanwhile the elder tries to dominate by grabbing Sehuns hair from behind , and pulls him slightly downwards to his eyelevel.
They end the breathtaking session when loud cheers appear from somewhere. "THIS IS GONNA MAKE ME RICH ON YOUTUBE" , the Baekhyun guy presses the end button on his phone. Sehun rests his arm around his boyfriend's shoulders while eyeing Krystal in amusement.
"Congrats." , she fakes a smile and turns away.
Jongin chuckles lightly while hitting Sehun playfully :"Seriously? Your look was so evil"
Sehun steals a kiss on his hyungs cheek for victory :"I have the rights SINCE I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND"
He shouts the last part just in case nobody has heard yet. And sooner or later , everyone needs to know. Maybe Baekhyun's Video is the key (already as much as views as exo's actual music video).

Haahaha hope you liked it! I chose Krystal for no reason , I am NOT bashing her here. And sorry not sorry for sassy Tao. I cracked up in the end tho xD
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