Chapter 12

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(Mary's beta)

Mary had already told us about her past with Emerald Sky when we first met her and to be honest I was pissed when I first heard the pain they caused her.

She said the only reason she assigned this to me was that Joseph needed time off to spend with his wife who's pregnant.

I asked why she would rather assign this to Joseph then me she simply said that if she heard of us being unfair while we were there she would beat the cr*p out of us which made some people laugh then cover it up with a cough.

We had already entered there territory and were now on our way to the pack house. I was so lost in thought that when we stopped Sydney had to snap her fingers in front of my face to make me notice we had arrived.

I stepped out of the truck and slammed it shut.

"Hey! What the f*ck! Who do you think you are to just abuse my car it has feelings!" Sydney shrieked

I looked up and notice that the other pack was looking at us funny then the girl that was next to the alpha walked down the steps, looked at each of us then turned around

"Seriously? You paid these people to come train us they're probably worser then us! I don't see why we need training I mean just look at these... Hey what are you doing!" She yelled looking at Logan who was recording this

"I'm sending this to our alpha who said she would be coming in a few days and wanted reports from us, well I thought we should show our alpha the warm welcoming we got." Logan replied

"Whatever if your own alpha isn't here you should just head back to your pack because we don't need you." The girl sneered

"Wow! I didn't know the alpha let everybody make the decisions for him, well you guys you heard the screeching b*tch they don't need us." Sydney said while turning around

She paused then looked back at the alpha and said" you've got nothing to say huh? I thought you were a better alpha,but apparently you can't even control your own pack."

"Look we're sorry for the rude welcoming we just have been stressed lately, but that still doesn't excuse the way Kelly acted towards you. My name is Dylan I'm the beta" Dylan held out his hand

"Well... Okay my name is Sydney this is Logan and Adrian." Sydney pointed to both of us

"Nice to meet you. Kelly why don't you help bring some of there things in while we show them there rooms and if anything goes missing or gets broken you'll be cleaning the bathrooms and pay for whatever you ruined." The alpha said


I know it's short I'm sorry I'll try and put the next chapter up by tomorrow and it'll be the alpha's POV





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