Got No Title

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AN. Got nothing to say except I own nothing.

As soon as they started talking I tuned them out and went over to my things. I grabbed clothes and headed to the bathroom. I took a long hot shower and once dried and fully clothed I looked into the mirror , I brushed and braided my hair. Once done I took a deep breath and sighed. I steped out of the bathroom and all the Cullens stared at me. I was used to it though and walked past them. Right when I was headed to my room Alice grabed my arm but I pulled it away. Then low and menacing to them I growled out " You or Eddie are not allowed to touch me. You and him are the only Cullens I hate." she steped back as I stomped over to my room.

Percy and I share a room when I went in and slammed the door shut. Percy was on his bed in deep thought but from the door he looked up at me. Once seeing my angry expression he jumped up and came over to me. He knew what was wrong and knelt down to my hight with him being taller and pulled me into a hug. Angry tears came out and I said " How dare they come back and think it is ok to ask me questions. I loved everyone except Eddie and the Pixie. They have no right." Percy looked me in the eye and said " Izzy we will get through this if you can get through two wars along side with me, then you and I can get through there stay. Then you have Conner, Travis, Katie, Piper, Leo, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Thalia and so many others." he smiled and said " Your not alone. Even dad will side with you." he lead me to the bed when we had a bad day him and I would sleep next to eachother and always the next day it was better. So we curled up next to eachother and feel asleep.


I need some ideas I am losing hope to this story so if you got any ideas comment.

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