➳Chapter 10➳

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Look how cute he looks!!!


He nodded opening his mouth but his phone rang stopping him. He quickly got it out of his pocket and swiped to answer it. "Hey babe." He said causally making me frown. He tunerd to means mouthed 'Ashley.' I nodded hiding my sadness and waved a bye before leaving and shutting the door.

Why does that hurt so much?

Bella's POV

Monday rolled around and I'm not in the mood because I've been dwelling over Ashley and Dylan. I don't know why but I have.

I stared at my reflection as I checked what I wore. I wore my black leggings and a nirvana shirt with a flannel wrapped around my waist and a black fedora hat to top it off also matched with black boots and red lipstick and winged eyeliner. I smiled happily grabbing my backpack and essiantials and rushing down stairs.

I ran into the kitchen and kissed my mom's cheek, "Good morning." I smiled as I smelt the aroma of waffles making me feel better.

"Morning Bubba." I smiled.

He groaned, "I'm so tired."

I rolled my eyes and sat on the stool next to him grabbing my plate, "You should sleep earlier." I smiled.

"Yeh I can totally sleep when I have a sister who just decides to start laughing really loudly at night."

I blushed, "I was watching a movie okay."

He rolled his eyes and got up, "I'm leaving now. Bye." He nodded to mum and left the room.

I shrugged eating the most of the waffles and then saying bye before leaving. I sighed as I pulled up into the school. Fucking school. I closed the door and I saw eyes on me as usual. My mood went sour again.

"Fuck you." I grumbled to everyone as I thought about Ashley and Dylan and how my brother was acting like an asshole lately.

I walked towards my group of friends, "Who pissed in your cereal?" Tyler snickered.

"Bitch I had waffles for your information." I rolled my eyes.

"What's up boo?" Dani asked hugging me, I hugged back and heard whispering.

"I bet their fucking." I heard Sean's voice say as he laughed. I swiveled round and kicked him in the shin.

"Asshole." I muttered.

"What with the violence?" I heard my brother say as he walked up to us.

I smirked, "nothing to worry you little brain about."

"Just because your smarter then me doesn't mean you have to be a bitch." He hissed.

"It's not my fault that you killed a few brain cells by smoking." I glared at him.

"Guys." Jack tried to stop us. I knew some kids were listening but, did it look like we gave one?

"It's not my fault you did drugs." He mocked me.

"Who gave you the right to tell people?" I said coldly, "You did too you hypocrite."

"What gives you the right?" He retorted.

I stepped back, "What girlfriend cheat on you or something?" I snapped anger flaring in me. There was a circle formed around us and people watched and listened.

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