Chapter 7

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Peeta comes to me in few hours.

"Do you want to go to the lake?" i suggest.

"Why not? but i think you still remember that i can't swim" he says a little embarrassed.

"That's okay" i laugh "i'll teach you , if you'll teach me how to bake"

"Deal" Peeta says and pulls me to a kiss. His lips on mine feels like everything.

It's been a while i have not been here, on the lake house. I missed being here, i think about my father, how happy we were, i want him to be alive, to see how everything is changed...

"This is so beautiful, Katniss" Peeta's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Yeah it is, ready to start swimming lessons?" i ask.

"Let's do it" he says as he takes off his clothes. Now he is only with his boxers. Well... I think it will be much harder to concentrate when... but okay... I take off my clothes too. i really don't feel comfortable in this swimwear.

"You are so beautiful Katniss" he says, holding me closer and kissing me passionately.

We walk in the lake. Water is really cold but it feels good on my skin.
Peeta grimaces, feeling uncomfortable. I laugh when i see him, standing still on the water.

"Come on, move!" i splash him water.

"That's not that easy" he says splashing me water too, but loosing balance. All i can think about is his wet body. Shut up Katniss, What the hell is wrong with you?

After two hours of swimming (more likely kissing, hugging, having fun and trying to teach him how to swim) we go back to my house.

"I am sooo hungry" i say rubbing my stomach.

"I can make for you something"

"Thanks, I'll go change and come back soon" i kiss him lightly and go to my bedroom for some stuff.

When i go downstairs, there is extremely good smell in the kitchen.

"I made some cheesebuns" he says, with a big smile on his face.

"Oh my god, you still remember?"

"Of course i remember, i remember everything about you" he says, gently touching my braid. My heart melts with his words.

"These cheesebuns are so yammy" i say after eating a whole cheesebun.

"Well, not as yammy as you" he says, pulling me closer and pressing his lips on mine. I feel my cheeks redden.

"Let me eat, Peeta," i laugh and push him lightly.

After dining, Peeta stands up to leave.

"I have to go now, i have some stuff to do. See you tomorrow?" he asks hesitantly.

"No. I mean, not tomorrow, but today? can you stay with me? i don't want to be alone this night" i say awkwardly.

"Yeah, no problem, I'll be happy" he says kissing my forehead and leaving.

I smile like a child, I can't wait to feel his arms around me again.

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