Death At The Hands Of Love

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"Damen, hi." She said with a smile as she walked over to us and wrapped her arms around him. She shot me a menacing glare as she did so but I was much too preoccupied with things of greater importance to care. My life was at stake here I couldn't afford to concern myself with some stuck up, childish little bitch who had nothing better to do than throw herself all over her boyfriend who by the way technically belonged to me. She gave him a kiss in an effort to spite me or something I guess but when she saw just how unaffected I was she flipped her hair and walked off.

"She's really annoying." I pointed out.

He nodded. "And she's making it difficult to separate. I've broken up with her three times already but she just won't accept it. In her mind there's just no way we could ever split." He shrugged. "I can't say I blame her though, I am pretty hard to let go off."

I rolled my eyes. "Conceited much." He smiled. The first smile since I saw him and I was actually grateful for it. He shouldn't have had to deal with so much at once especially since it would affect him more. He would have to defy his own pack.

At the end of the day I hurried out of the building. Today was Friday which meant that if I left school in a good mood I would have a rocking weekend which was exactly what I wanted. No Amber, no homework, no annoying freshmen boys trying to talk to me, none of that stuff. 

I made it to the forest entrance and oddly enough Ryder wasn't there. That was when I started praying that he wasn't by the creek waiting on me because damn would that be annoying. My perfect weekend would have been ruined before it even started and I needed to enjoy as much of what was left of my life as possible because let's face it. Even if Damen were to help me it would have been three on sixteen. Math class told me that that was too wide a ratio to be even.

I started my walk home listening to the sounds of the forest, which weren't very much nowadays. I guess the forest really wanted the Crimson Maire in control again. I wondered if it would have died shortly after we did . . .

Alittle further down the trail I heard footsteps following me. I swung around but couldn't see anyone. Maybe I was just imagining things . . .I kept walking and it wasn't until about another five minutes that I heard them again. "Who's out there?" I called, looking around more frantically than before. Still no one. This was starting to scare me. I began running and that was when the footsteps began really noticeable. I turned and saw four wolves chasing me. I screamed and ran faster. What did they want? One of them lunged forward and knocked me to the ground. As I toppled over I felt my knees become scratched as well as the side of my face. The one that knocked me down stood over me snarling while the others slowly moved towards me. They turned human but the one pinning me down remained a wolf.

Damen's cousins. . .

"What do you want--"

"Shut the hell up." Riley demanded. "We know exactly who you are. You belong to that Crimson Maire pack and make no mistake we plan to kill you." He looked down at me in disgust. "We've seen what you've done to our alpha though we can't figure out why." No way, Damen was their alpha! But that would have made his betrayal even harder to deal with! They would surely have killed him! Riley crouched beside me and held unto a lock of my hair. "I don't see what's so special about you, you're just some fragile girl that can easily . . ." He ran his hand along my arm, "Snap!" As he said that he placed his foot on my arm and used his hand to pull. They was an audible crack and I cried out.

I tried holding my hand with my other but as I moved it the wolf on top of me snarled. I sucked in a deep breath.

"Now we don't know what business you have with our cousin," His other cousin, Austin, said, "but you should know that his mate is on the verge of death so if you know what's good for you, you and your little spirit thingy's will stay away from us. Your hour of death has already been planned and believe me Damen already told us exactly how we're going to kill you so figure it out."

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