Germany x High School! Reader (Part 1)

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His eyes were blue.
It was easy to get lost in the flecked orbs that nervously glanced from (Y/N) to his schoolwork.
(Y/N) slowly sat down in the desk beside his, staring straight ahead as if he wasn't there.
It had to have been ten minutes before a hesitant voice spoke up
"Could you...perhaps, help me with this?" The young man requested, his voice thick with a German accent.

(Y/N) felt inclined to help the seemingly nervous German, who fumbled to write with his thin pen.
It was odd...someone like him should have been more confident right?
Still, his hands trembled as he wrote, and he paled as she guided him to write, flinching away when she pointed to a subject, as if the young woman would lash out at him.
Something must have happened to make him act like this, bullying? abuse? If she had asked it didn't seem he would answer.

A pale man appeared at the doorway, and he looked a few years older than the two young students.
His hair was short and white, his eyes narrowed and scarlet.
Surely this young man who was already nervous would have a virtual fit at this older-looking student.

"Ludwig" the elder boy murmured icily.
'Ludwig', as he was called, jolted, slowly looking up as he swallowed thickly.
"J-Ja Gilbert?" The German stuttered out.

Gilbert gave a grim smile "You forgot some books, you don't want to be unprepared on your first day, do you?" There was an edge to his voice and he slowly approached Ludwig and (Y/N), slamming the books on the desk and causing the two of them to wince.

"And who would this be?" Gilbert asked, standing in front of (Y/N).
The girl narrowed his eyes at the intimidating man, shivering slightly "I'm (Y/N)...I'm...just helping Ludwig".
The young woman was forced to lean back as Gilbert leant nearer "You don't need to be that close to him".
He walked around the desk, staring for a few seconds before pulling (Y/N)'s chair away from Ludwig's.
"Remain here if you will, and refrain from touching him" the pale boy spoke.
Ludwig just looked down at his timetable blankly, as if the two weren't there at all.

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