The Devil lives in my Attic [Part.3]

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Chapter III

This is not cool.


I don't know if I should shove him off or just ignore it, 'cause he looks so cute when he's asleepand I don't know if I could disrupt him.

Hold the phone,I'm pissed at this guy, why the hell do I care if he looks gorgeous or not! And why the hell is he in MY bed anyway!

I'm still thinking about what to do when I feel something going up my leg. It takes me a minute to realize IT'S HIS HAND! What the hell! I don't give it a second thought and kick him off the bed.

"Hey what'd ya do that for," he says indignantly

"Get. Out. Right. Now." I shoot the words like knives at him, while trying to keep my voice down so I don't wake mom and Steve.

"What? Can't take a joke? Besides I wouldn't do anything to you, your so not my type," he says with a look of disgust on his face. Which really pisses me off. Not that I care what he thinks. Right?

"Sorry I'm nota bimbo then," I say with as much venom as possible.

He smirks that devilish little smirk once again. I've grown quit accustomed to it already. "You got that right, you could be a nun, sister."

Now it's my tern to smirk. I doubt he even picked up on his own word play. Funny. "Yeah, yeah what ever, just get out and leave me alone," I groan as I pull a pillow over my head so I don't have to see his face.

"Aww but I wanna play, sis," he whines

"Don't call me sis, and Go. Away." I throw my pillow at him in a futile attempt to make him scurry off. He doesn't.

Ugh this guy!! he's going to give me a stress-induced ulcer. Then just as I let out a defeated sigh and decide I don't care anymore, he gets up and leaves.


I don't know when I fell back asleep but I didn't wake until one in the afternoon the next day.

I walk downstairs groggily to search for something to eat, when everything that had transpired yesterday finally hits me.

I groan and start to head back upstairs.

I don't feel like eating anything anymore and I just want to crawl back in bed.

Too late Zayden's spotted me from down the hall and if I retreat now I'll look like a coward.

I sigh and proceed into the kitchen.

Turns out mom already has breakfast ready so I don't have to scrounge around.

Then the second unwelcome thing hits me this morning.

Uh oh! Mom made breakfast!

Now mom is a really good cook don't get me wrong, it's just she never makes me breakfast unless she's going to tell me something I don't want to hear. And I know the breakfast is for me because It's my favorite, chocolate chip waffles with whip cream, a ham and cheese omelet, a green apple sliced in cubes and caramel sauce.

I sit down at the kitchen island and am about to start on my omelet when before I can even blink it's snatched off my plate. What the hell! I spin around on the stool and find Zayden behind me taking a huge bite out of MY omelet!

"Oh Willow, your up," my mom says in her happiest sing-song voice.

"Thats my plate," Zayden says to me.

I stare at him suspiciously for a second. Until my mom interjects and says, "Oh Willow it's so funny, Zayden likes the exact same breakfast as you." she says happily. I guess it's not my omelet after all.

Okay so the breakfast isn't for me especially, thats good because now it means no unexpected bad news, but bad because Zayden likes the EXACTSAMETHINGAS ME! Gross.

I move Zayden's plate over in front of another stool, as far away as I can reach, and wait for a plate of my own. Once mom sets an identical plate to Zaydens' in front of me I eat so fast I don't know if I tasted it. I just want to get out of there. I move to get up when I hear exactly what I was trying to avoid earlier.

"Wait," says my mom as she grabs my wrist.

Shit! Damn it! Fuck!

I make myself comfortable again on my stool and face my mother. She has an extremely guilty look on her face. I look over at Zayden and he's grinning widely, Oh no, I'm in trouble.

"Yeah mom?" I say trying to keep my voice steady.

"Um this is kind of sudden and Steve and I were going to tell you together but you didn't get up before he went to work, neither of you did," she says glancing over at Zayden, "and I already told Zayden and it's fine with him but ummm....." she looks uncomfortable.

"Spit it out mom," I say in the most joking tone I can manage at this point.

"well you know how we said we weren't going to have a honeymoon?" oh no I see where this is headed.

"Yes......" I prompt.

"Well yesterday your grandma surprised us with plane tickets to Spain for a two week trip, and we figured you and Zayden were old enough to be on your own for two weeks." I look over at Zayden, horrified. Now I know where that big stupid grin came from.

I try not to make a face at this prospect and ask, "When are you leaving?"

"As soon as Steve gets home." I feel my jaw drop, but quickly try and compose myself. The last thing I want is to be stuck with Zayden, alone, in the house for two weeks........... isn't it?

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