Looking back now

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This is my entry for the one shot contest of MBL .
Dedicated to Mysterious_Writer


Here I am sitting at the wooden chair outside the garden where most of my cherished memories have been.

I saw little boys running around the garden while some little girls picking roses. I watch the scenery before me and realized how my family has become bigger, closer and stronger as time pass.

"Aluminum, that wooden chair is not comfortable" a voice told me from behind. I turn around and saw my loving husband, who has lines beside his eyes that meant he smiled a lot in the past years until now he still does and grey hair that represent how old he has become but still he is the most handsome man I ever met in my life that I am happy for. The passion and love in his eyes that never change it just got stronger each and everyday as we grew old together.

"Oh hush Diary, it is okay down be such a worry wart" I said chuckling while looking back to where our grandchildren where. "How bout you sit beside me the view is great afterall" I added turning where he was.

"But not before I get some pillows dear" he said smiling then started walking where the house was.

"Grandma look what I made" a little girl standing in front of looking a splitting image of her mother holding a crown made of different flowers.

"Such a beautiful crown you got there" I said patting her head.

"It's for you grandma, can you lower your head grandma I want to put it over" she said shyly swaying from side to side.

"Of course darling" I said lowering my head for her.

"It looks great on you grandma, you're so beautiful" she said while hugging me very tight.

"That she is" Darius said while holding two pillows and placing one at my back while the other on his chair.

"Go little one play with your sisters and brothers" I said by releasing her. I watch as she run where her cousins and siblings are.

"Look how fast they grown" Darius said while holding my hand then kissing it.

"We did great for them" I said looking at him lovingly.

"That we did and I will still be forever grateful for the contract of our greatgrandfathers" He said returning the same look I have then winking at me at the same time. His wink always make me blush and he loves it whenever I do.

"My wink still works just look how your cheeks turned pink" He said chuckling at my reaction.

"I will always affect me because everytime you would it will make my heart skip a beat" I said smiling using my other hand to touch his cheeks.

"What is it taking them so long in preparing food" He said looking towards our home. "I'm starving" he said standing up then pull me along with him.

We walk towards the door and went to the kitchen to see them still cooking more food. Even though Adrian is old he still loves to help us cook well except me because then don't trust me doing anything in the kitchen anymore even after years of learning it seems I still can't cook other dishes except fried dishes for a living.

I saw Sapphire with Adrian decorating a cake while the others are finishing the food. They look towards our direction then Sapphire immediately walk towards us then push us towards the door again and muttering about ruining our surprise cake.

You must all be wondering about the cake, well I forgot to mention it is our wedding anniversary today. In every anniversary we have my memories from the day we married again came back and from the moment when Austin was born to when Sapphire came to our world. All these memories will always stay in our hearts even if we will leave this world I know they will always remember how we lover them so much.

"Did our lovely daughter pushed us out of our own house?" He asked with a mock shocked expression.

"I think she just did" I said giggling.

"Come dear we should just watch our grandchildren make sure the little girls won't trip" He said guiding me outside holding my hand in a tight but gentle grip. We were about to sit down when suddenly Adrian together with Rose called us.

"The food is done let's tell our grandchildren to come inside" Rose said while looking at them playing.

"Everyone food is ready, let's go inside" Darius said as he walk towards them. Everyone stop then runs towards the door except the other are teens which are occupying the living room.

"Stop running, I don't want some of you tripping. If you don't want to have a wound on your beautiful faces" Adrian said grinning at the kids. Which cause them to stop running.

We all went inside then head towards the dining hall. We renovated the place because the family is getting bigger so the table is longer than before. We all sit on our chairs then I saw the beautiful cake at the side.

"Wow" I said while still looking at it.

"You outdid ourself man" Darius said patting Adrians back.

"Of course, I'm still the best baker in the world" typical Adrian reply.

"Now let's greet them a Happy Anniversary" Sapphire said to them.

"Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa" they all said in unison which made me cry happy tears.

"Dear are you okay?" Darius said with a worry look.

"Just happy tears Diary" I smiled at him then looking at my family.

But suddenly we all heard a phone ringing. We look at my son Stephen if his phone was the culprit but he shakes his head then look towards where Darius was sitting moments ago which is now vacated. I narrowed my eyes when I saw him talking to the phone then standing up from my sit a go to where he is then I grab the phone then dunk it to the small aquarium near the door. I've been waiting to do that ever since.

They all started at me shock ehile Darius's mouth opens in shock about what I just did, I shrugged and said, "It's our anniversary those fools can take care of it without your help because we are paying them for it and besides I wanted to do that in a long time" then I smiled. Darius just shake his head then chuckled.

Even years pass, I will never forget moments like this for the rest of eternity and I will always be grateful to God for giving me such wonderful family.


I hope you enjoy this one shot of Marriage by Law. I wanted to capture the old moments of Darius and Ivory.

-Angel :)

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