Chapter 47

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"I think your girlfriend tries to kill me with her eyes," Jacob whispered into her ear. "Hey! That rhymed! I could use that for a song! No, but seriously, I'm a man and all, but I'm not shy to admit that she's starting to scare me a little..."

Camila shook her head and glanced at Lauren. Indeed, she was shooting daggers at them. Maybe it hadn't been a good idea to invite him to their weekly movie night, but she wanted the other girls to meet Jacob. Well, it might not have been a good idea for Lauren, but the other girls seemed to like him.

"I'm sorry about that," she mumbled back, not taking her eyes off Lauren. "I forgot to tell her that you walked me home a few days ago and that I invited you here."

"Jealous, huh?" Jacob chuckled and Camila smacked his shoulder. "Ouch, sorry. But, dude, why are you sitting with me here on the floor and not with her? This is just going to get me killed!"

"Don't be so overdramatic," she muttered and looked to the other three girls who were staring at the TV. "She's being stupid. I'm gay and she knows how I feel towards her. She shouldn't be jealous."

"Yeah, but she doesn't trust me. And I don't blame her. You're gorgeous and if you were straight, I'd totally hit on y- ouch, man! Stop punching me!"

Jacob rubbed his side while Camila shot another glance to Lauren who was now smirking slightly. Of course she would find that amusing. But as soon as Lauren's focus was back on Jacob, her eyes narrowed dangerously.

Camila sighed. She really wanted them to get along...

"Ugh, that looked totally fake," Dinah complained loudly and threw popcorn at the screen. "And the music when that horse-thing ran towards that cloak-thing? Puh-lease..."

"Oh come on, that was the first movie, the special effects are getting better with each new one," Jacob shot her down. "And that horse-thing is a centaur."

"Whatever," Dinah waved off. "I still can't see why you two like it so much."

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Maybe you should try and read the books, how about that? Most movies aren't as good as the books they're based on."

"But it takes so long to read one! I can better watch a two or three hour long movie instead of wasting my time with staring at words..."

The green-eyed boy gasped loudly, causing the others to turn around. Camila knew that they had been trying to ignore the two of them. Since Jacob had arrived at their apartment, Dinah and him had always something to bicker about. It was weird.

"You did not just say that!"

Dinah smirked slightly and raised her eyebrows. "Oh, but I did."

"Could you two finally stop flirting and be quiet? I'm trying to understand this... Harry thinks that the evil guy is still alive?" Normani asked confused. "I thought he was dead?"

"Ew, I'm not flirting with him!" Dinah grimaced and inched closer to Lauren. "He's like a male version of Lauren. That's just weird."

"He's not a male me!" Lauren countered, looking very disturbed. "He's an idiot!"

Jacob furrowed his brows. "Hey! I'm still here, you know?"

"Case closed. You, my dear Lauser, are an idiot. Whether you accept this fact or not."

"At least I'm not the one who's flirting with him," Lauren shot back.

"Ugh, that would be like incest," Dinah groaned and buried her head in her hands. "Oh my God, this is so gross..."

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