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Louis watched Zayn from the corner of his eye.

The topic of a baby hadn't been brought up in two days and even worse, Zayn had barely spoken him the entire forty-eight hours. After their conversation in the kitchen, he had taken off, his jacket thrown over his shoulders and the door slamming shut behind him. Louis had text him a few times but there had been no response.

Two days later, there was still nothing going between the two of them and Louis was getting irritated with it.

Why was Zayn so stuck on having a child? Zayn was right in saying that he had known because it was one of the first conversations they had when things had started getting serious between the two of them. Their wants, needs and plans for the future had been laid out on the table before they had abandoned their separate apartments for a joint place. They had always wanted the same things from the get-go and never disagreed on anything except a child.

Louis loved kids, he did but the thought of having one of his own was fucking terrifying. What was he supposed to do with it? His entire hand would be the size of the child's head, he couldn't figure how to strap a diaper on his own little cousin and what the hell was he supposed to do when Zayn left and the kid began screaming? A bottle didn't solve everything.

Zayn was on his MacBook, typing away at some spreadsheets he hadn't finished at work. He was a successful accountant and once or twice Louis had tried to look into what he was doing and watch but none of it had made sense. The tapping of the tips of his fingers to keys was drifting over to Louis, who had his own laptop in his lap though he had not even opened it.


Conversation had been minimal but Louis couldn't take that. Silence was unnerving and got his heart pounding in his ears. He stared at his husband, who gave no indication he had heard him and Louis tried again, this time clearing his throat too loud to be considered normal.

"Lou, what is it. I'm busy."

Oh, that hurt. Louis flinched at the blunt, emotionless words but moved his laptop onto the small table next to him. There was about four feet between the two of them and before he chickened out, Louis snatched the MacBook from his partner's hands, ignoring the aggravated protest and olive-skinned hands that tried to get it back. Louis put it in the recliner he had been sitting in.

"Stop ignoring me."

"I'm not," Zayn defended, craning his neck to see the silver MacBook in the chair. "I have work to do and its important."

"I'm your husband and I'm important."

That got Zayn and he finally let out a sigh. His glasses sat on the bridge of his nose and when he pulled them off, there was a small dent where they had been. "Fine. What's so important that it can't wait until I'm done?"

Louis had thought about what Zayn had said, even called his mother up to talk to her. All she had told him was to do what was best for them and while it hadn't been much help, he knew he couldn't rely on her to tell him yes or no. But the silence between them had given him the time to think.

Zayn had dedicated the last four years to doing everything he could to please his husband. From getaways, funded by long nights at work, to simple things like flowers or his favorite drink in the fridge, he had done it all for Louis without ever asking for anything in return. The only thing Zayn craved was a child and what right did Louis have to keep that from him? They were partners for life, were they not?

"I've... been thinking about what we talked about the other day," he began quietly. It was hard for him to get this out and taking a seat on the cushion Zayn's hips occupied didn't do much to make it easier. Louis wasn't looking at him but he could feel those dark eyes baring into him. "I know how much you want a baby. I do too, I know I don't act like it, but I do. I never thought I would ever actually have one and thinking of it now scares the fuck out of me." Louis paused, his fingers picking at one another in front of him. "But I know this isn't about only me so... If you please, please bare with me when go further, I'd be open to pursuing it further." Thrilled wasn't the right word but he wasn't being picky. Louis' own words had sounded stupid to his ears but Zayn got his message. Loud and clear.

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