The Argument

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"Ugh! Really August? What kind of shit is this! I can't believe you" I said as I cried looking at my husband August in the eyes as mine portrayed hurt and pain.
I was hurt to my core. The fact that my beloved husband, the one I trusted my heart with, the one I gave my trust to, broke what we had into a million pieces.
Before even thinking, I ran up to him and punched him square in his fuckin jaw.
"What the fuck Chas!" He said wiping his now gashed lip as blood dripped.
"How could you do this to me? Huh? To US! I can't believe you'd cheat with that bitch!"
At this point tears clouded my vision and I began punching, slapping, and scratching August with everything in me. As I was about to swing another time he grabbed my arms and pinned me up against the wall.
"Chill with that shit Chasity! I fuckin swea'! If you quit bitchin' and gave a nigga what the fuck he won't I wouldn't be trynna git da shit from somewhe' else!" He said as his tall tattooed frame stood over my smaller body.
Indeed I had been holding out on him. I'm still a virgin and the thought of sex frightened me a little. Before I could even get my thoughts together I did the unthinkable.
"What you want Aug? HUH!" I quickly unzipped his pants, gripped his man hood and fell to my knees. I began to vigorously suck it as I tried to cram his erection to the deepest depths of my throat. I yanked it out "is that what you want Aug? Is that what the fuck you want!" and with that I continued to suck his thick man hood.
"Shit Chas!" He said with his eyes clenched shut. He then quickly pulled me up and roughly pinned me against the wall again.
"You wanna be rough ma?" He said biting and nibbling viciously at my neck and breasts. He ripped my shirt and threw me on the couch. "Imma give yo ass rough" and with that he ripped off my leggings and thong and began to nibble at my wet, throbbing pearl. He began to suck the sensitive area with all his might, being rough and inconsiderate of its sensitivity.
"Dammit August you're being too rough! I haven't done this before!" I yelled pulling a fist full his curls.
"I'on wanna hear dat shit na. You fuckin wit my feelin's Chas. I gotta have you baby" he said through his thick accent. Once he was done sucking the life out of my now dripping pussy he ordered me to bend over on all fours.
"Bend dat ass ova'" he said. "Don't be rough" I gave in response.
"Don't talk back Chas" he said. "Huh?" I questioned. He roughly gripped my ass and smacked it with all his might. It brought tears to my eyes and a throaty grown through my lips. It hurt so bad, but it felt so damn good!
"Mmm...Do that shit again Aug!" I asked with lust in my eyes. He did it once more and it sent me over the edge. I quickly got on all fours and without hesitation August rammed his manhood into me from behind. The constant pounding drove me to a daze as all I could contemplate on was the hard passionate love we were making. He went harder, faster-deeper with every thrust.
"Gahdamn Chas" August said through throaty grunts. "I swea' yo pussy tight and wet as fuck ma. Thow it back fuh me ma" And with that I did as I was told. I felt a hard smack to my ass and went harder.
"Git on top ma" before I could gather my thoughts to move I was yanked on top of him. "Ride dis shit"
Through the grinding and thrusting and pumping I felt my insides becoming tense and August felt it too.
"Common nah ma. Don't give out yet" he sent another painful smack to my ass, making it jiggle in his palms.
He continued to pump and push into me until I couldn't take it anymore. I could feel August slowly building to his climax and I eventually "AHHHH FUCK!" was all I could grunt out before passing it on his chest, struggling to catch my breath. Within another pump "FUCK CHAS!" was all August could muster up.
We both lay on the couch panting for air.
"I'm so sorry Chas" he said rubbing my back as I laid on him.
"Please don't hurt me again Aug" and with that I fell asleep in his arms with an aching dripping pussy.

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