Dear Mom Dad and Friends...

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"Dearest parents,

     You know my name is Justice but, it serves no use. You should have named me Useless, I am not a Justice, I am a worthless piece of wadded paper thrown away. This is it, my suicide note. I have in my hand, a gun. My grandpa was in war, so I found his pistol. I smiled when I found it. I  already had cuts up both arms and I have been to the hospital numerous times. . . Please, I realise you are probably crying, but I am in a better place probably by the time you read this, if you even care that much to read this trash.
     I have tried to find a way to die, I have tried hanging, drowning, and even jumping off the roof, no use. So, here is my last try. Anyways, I just wanted to get this out to you to tell you I have given up on everything. I have been bullied I don't even remember how many times. Too many to count, that's for sure. . . It isn't my fault if I am gay. I was happy for a while, before the bullying stopped by. I have cried myself to sleep, went days without sleep, I have skipped school, and even went to counseling, nothing worked. . . So, suicide is the answer here.
     You probably don't even care about me, so why am I even continuing to write this stupid letter. I have planned my death for a while now actually. . . I am smiling, as I am writing this with my right hand, as my left hand is holding the gun against my head, my index finger on the trigger, about to pull my finger back, with the trigger. I am smiling. Don't worry about me, Heaven is calling me, Jesus wants to see me right now. I hope to see you guys in a while.

                    -Justice Michael Hutton

P.S. I just pulled the trigger, well not yet because I am writing, but as soon as I stop writing, I will pull it."

     I tremble as I fight back the tears in my eyes as I say this out loud. Justice's Funeral. I will miss my gift from God. . . I remember fun times we had, now a memory. When I realised I was pregnant with him, when I went into labor, bringing him home, his first word was Love, aawee. . . His first steps, all now just a vivid memory. "I will see you soon baby, I promise this. . ." I whisper under my whimpers. I tremble as the flashback starts as to when I heard the gun shot.

*Gunshot* "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!!?" I ran to Justice's room, to find his note, blood everywhere, and my precious baby, dead on the floor, with a gun in hand, eyes wide open.
*End of Flashback*

     The funeral is over. Me and my husband go home. I smile. "Don't worry baby, we'll see you in a minute." As I take the same gun Justice shot himself with, and my husband shot himself, he was smiling, with happy tears. My turn. I grab the gun from his lifeless hands, and point it to my head. I smile as I whisper my final words, "Don't worry baby, we're on our way. . ." As I pulled the trigger.

Thank you soooooooooo much for reading my storyyyyyyyyy! I was so happy of the results! I wrote this because I can. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you later! Bye niggies! :3

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