Kitty-Cats and Pasta

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This was made for my best friend AlainaFetterhoff !

Y/N-your characters name
Y/CN- your characters country name

(This isn't like a journal entry thing, I just decided to put the date and time for... atmosphere, thank you~)

November, 16
Time: 1:45p.m.

It was a bit after a World Meeting in South Africa. It was quite hot, and there were bugs everywhere. I tried to look up what some bugs actually were. Let's just say Google didn't help... Every bug I looked up was poisonous, or deadly. Great... Google... Are you telling the truth or not?!

"AHHH!!!! Y/CN!!! HELP ME!!" A familiar Italian voice yelled.

"ITALY?!" I yelled running to his voice.


"ITALY!!!" I screamed as the Italian tackled me.


"That's why you were screaming..." I sighed, and wiggled out of Italy's grip, then stood up.Italy stood up, also.

"Would you like to come back to my hotel room, it has air conditioning!!! And a jacuzzi!" Italy smiled.

"Italy... You're my friend, but... I-umm..." I studdered.

"Come on Y/CN! We could get to know each other more!!!" Italy cheered. France was snickering in the background.


"I'll take that as a yes, bella!" Italy grinned, as he grabbed my hand gently and dragged me to his hotel room.

"Phew! It's a lot nicer in here, bella!" Italy smiled.

"It is." I responded awkwardly.

*meow* *meow* *meow*

"Did you hear that?" I asked.

"Hmm? You mean the meow meows? Oh that's Itacat!"  Italy proudly smiled as he pointed to a cute, slightly pudgy, cat.

"Awww, he's so cute!"

"Yeah! I have some more cats at home, and horses!" Italy smiled.

"That's amazing! But, why did you bring you're cat here?"

"Oh, I brought him here because he snuck on my private jet with me, and the jet gets too hot, so I bought a hotel room, for me and Itacat!"

"Wait... You have a private jet?!"

"Yep!" Italy smiled.

"That's... Amazing!!!"

"I know, bella! So... Would you like to make some pasta? I'm really hungry!"

"Okay, sure I'll help you make some pasta." I giggled.

"You're laugh is too cute!"

"T-t-thanks, Italy..." I muttered, blushing.

"So, anyways, let's get to the pasta!!!"

"Alright, where do we begin?"

"Well first of all you'll need this!" Italy grinned as he handed me an apron.

"Thank you!"

"No problem, bella!" Italy smiled, as he grabbed out the rest of the ingredients for the pasta. "Let's start making the dough! For the pastaaaa!!!" Italy cheered.

~time skip~

"Y/N! It's SOOOO hot!!!" Italy yelled.

"Well maybe we shouldn't have made pasta when it was this hot out..." I jokingly smiled.

"Yeah, but I want to make pasta in every country! So I had to make pasta today!!!"


"OHHHH PASTA!!!" Italy practically screamed, as he ran to the stove and pulled the pasta out of the oven.
"Ta da!! Lasagna!!!" Italy smiled while he put some herbs on the lasagna.

"Here, bella, you can cut the first piece!"

"Umm... Alright." I half smiled as I grabbed a cutting knife and cut a zig zagged piece of pasta.

"Here, like this bella!" Italy smiled as he stood behind me, put his hand gracefully on top of my hand and helped me cut a perfect square.

"Woah... Thank you, Feli!" I smiled, as he went and put the pieces of lasagna on to plates.

"Enjoy, Y/N!!" Italy smiled, as he handed me a perfectly cut piece of lasagna.

"Thank you!" I said as I sat by the table.

"Oh, after this we really should go out for some ice cream, and we could bring Itacat with us! Come on! It'll be super-duper fun!" Italy begged as he sat on a chair next to me.

"Alright, sounds like fun, Feli! I'd love to spend the day with you... Oh, you too Itacat!" I grinned, as I pet Itacat, who sat adorably in between mine and Feli's feet.

"Grací, bella!" Italy cheered, as he happily ate his pasta.

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