My tween bi sleepover

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I woke up at 5am to get ready for school. I was taking a bath before going I had to leave at around 7:30. After I got out I got dressed then I called my BFF Immagin, I was sleeping over at her house today I was very excited since it is my first time sleeping over at her house:D.

At six a.m every Thursday me as Immagin video chat.(we don't have school on Fridays) Immagin is homeschooled , I am not homeschooled. But my school goes to a church that homeschoolers go to to well uhh...learn..? I guess . Anyway here's a little description of Immagin.

Immagin:age 13,shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights, average hight. Big boobs, and bi sexual.

Makaela(me): Age 12,past shoulder length black curly hair, half black, half white, a little shorter than average, normal size boobs, and bi sexual

Immagin's dad is a pastor. And my dad is in the marines and I do not see him that often. I am the only one who Immagin has told about her sexuality. Her parents would kill her, so I am the only one she can trust. I WOULD NEVER TELL ANYBODYYY.

Anyway me and Immagin were video chatting and doing our makeup. I asked her how I looked, "what do you think?" I asked. "Gorgeous!:)" she said . "ThAnks, lol you look good too!;)"

We talked for about an hour and a half, but then Immagin had to go. "Bye, love you!" We said to each other.( note: we are not dating.!) I had always had a crushed on Immagin ever since we had met.and I couldn't wait to sleepover!!


Hey guys this is part two enjoyyyy

Ok, it was time for school my mom was driving me.of course she didnt know about me and Immagin, being bi and all. She met with immagins dad, and they talked about the sleepover and stuff"Bla Bla Bla" anyway me and Immagin held hands as we walked into class. You probably don't wanna know about all the learning stuff. We are in science class until lunch @ 12.

Finally, school is OVAAAA me and Immagin were holding hands and running to her car. We got in and saw her little sister , Saylor. She was adorable. She's 8. She has a Samsung galaxy s4. Yea, I was jelly...we drove for a little while but not too long, we finally arrived she had a beautiful mansion! I was jelly-.-.

We ran into her room and flopped onto her bead I set down my backpack and my bags. We were hungry, we went into her kitchen and got a couple bags of family size chips and some pretzels. After we were done eating we did each others makeup I put this really bright red color of lipstick on her , and she put a super cute hot pink lipstick on me. "Hmm," she said "I wonder how they look together..." " too" *grabs the pink lipstick to put on her* "I was uhhmm, thinking another way to find out.." Immagin said. "Like what?" I asked . "Like this.." She said. She was on a chair so she was lower than me , she grabbed my cheeks and kissed me hard and passionately... I didn't stop her, I was kind of enjoying it. she unzipped my jacket and pinned me down on her bed and started kissing me harder. I stopped kissing her because she had taken off my jacket and I wasn't wearing a bra. "Umm Immagin I'm not wearing a bra, I forgot to this morning... That's why I was wearing the jacket my shirt is see through."

" I don't care,that makes it better..." She whispered in my ear...


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