Discussion Questions

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Can't stop thinking about Unplugged: The New World? Organize your thoughts with these discussion questions!

#1: Alice Price claims that "beauty can be found in every single moment, no matter how dire the circumstances," and Matthew later repeats the sentiment. Do you agree with them? Why or why not? Do you think that this concept contradicts the characters of Alice and Matthew? Why or why not? Why does Enna have a hard time believing the statement?

#2: Cameras can be found nearly everywhere in the city, and we are told several times through thoughts and dialogue that Enna disagrees with the concept of constant surveillance. How do you feel about the concept? Do you think that surveillance is protection or invasion of privacy? The Depot's Security Quarter is also full of camera screens. Do you think that this is hypocritical of the resistance members, who wish to escape the practices of John Elliot and his tyrannical regime? Why or why not?

#3: Do you think Enna's grandmother is right in being paranoid, or do you think that her preparedness is only her living in fear? Is it worth warning someone about something when they continually refuse to believe you?

#4: Enna finds herself disconcerted by her brother's almost unresponsive state, saying, "How on Earth am I expected to be in a relationship with someone who's not emotionally capable?" Do you think that she's justified in saying this? What evidence do you have that Matthew is negatively affected when she says this to him?

#5: When questioned about his past, Matthew responds, "I was born sometime in December." Why is this statement significant in regards to the society and what we already know about Matthew?

#6: Josh feels obligated to live up to his father's high standards. Who else feels pressured to achieve perfection? How is this character like Josh?

#7: At the end of the story, Leah finds herself fleeing the streets of New York with the rest of the survivors of the Depot attack. Where do you think her story will take her? How will her past possibly help her to survive?

#8: Enna says to Matthew, "I guess we're both messed up," when they're talking about the strange circumstances of their relationship. How does this comment define them as a pair? Was Enna wrong in saying this?

#9: Luke emphasizes that the weak always lose. Do you agree or disagree with him? Why or why not? What's your definition of "weak"? Does it apply to Enna?

#10: Do you agree with Grace Ward's decision not to warn the Depot inhabitants of an impending invasion, creating the Training Department instead? Why or why not? What would you do in her place?

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