Ch.7 trouble

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*** Persephone's p,o.v

I'm so screwed I thought as I saw him walk towards me. My wolf was jumping up and down at the thought if attention from him I rolled my eyes at her puppy love. Lexi whispered I laughed, but I felt the mate bond tugging at me to go to him, I saw Jace had already walked away laughing, my brothers were at the end of the hall glaring at my mate. But I saw them holding themselves back so that's a start.

"What did I saw Mate, no one is to touch you,"he whispered growled into my ear when he reached me I shivered and looked at him, he smirked at me,

"I saw you with him," his voice getting Colder with eAch word. I bit my lip when I heard him groan quietly, "don't do that," he whispered Into my ear, I shivered again when I heard the bell ring I groaned. He smiled at me, when my brothers. came towards me they were pale, Anthony glancing around making sure they didn't box him in like yesterday,

"Grandad's here," Liam said he looked void my eyes went wide

"I thought we were going to go to court?!" I nearly shouted

"Change of planes dear sister," Harry whimpered at Liam's tone.

"We'll shit, he's here In this building?" I asked as they began walking me to my class which so happened to be my mates class he changed his schedule to have all my classes. No rest for the weary, I sighed when we walked in my brothers walked to their classes and we sat down Anthony never letting me out of his sight, when I noticed their was no more seats I glanced around and noticed none were empty I gasped as he pulled me into his lap, and wrapped his arms around my waist I was screctlly enjoying this when I heard the announcement every one to the stadium, we all stood up and lined up by rank surprisingly I was 3 ranks higher than Anthony yet he kept his eyes on me. We walked all the way their when I saw my Grandfather siting in a makeshift thrown my brothers and cousin behind him.

'Persy, grandad wants you by his side,' I nodded and walked out of my position and went to him when I saw everyone in the stands waiting for the king to speak,I stood straight my head held high and kept my face emotionless.

"Everyone, their has been many difficulties with rouges, hunters, warlocks, and many other problems, so all the elders have agreed to open the campus again as a boarding school as of today every student will have to move into a room if not already," my grandad said I gasped my eyes widend I saw my brothers jaws clench my cousins were clenching their fist, my cousin Landon had a mate and baby he was almost finished with school he couldn't stay here, and my grandad had an answer to that as some of the student body found their mates and had probably a family, "unless you have an important reason to not stay it is mandorty that you live at campus," the student body shuffled in the stands and then my grandad dismissed them, I sighed and turned toward him

"Well princess dont I get a hug and kiss," I smiled and hugged him he chuckled at me and then glared behind my shoulder I turned and saw my mate glaring at him,

"Your Majesty, I would think she'd be to young for you," my mate growled I stared at him till it clicked in my head I busted out laughing like a lunatic,

"Ewe you think I'm sleeping with my grandad that's gross," I squealed still laughing Anothny jaw clenched and reached for me, when my grandad glared at him,

"Ahh Prince purebred what do I owes this encounter," my grandad said stiffly, then he glanced at me. I sighed

'Grandad he's my mate that mom was talking about,' I told him in the family bond he glanced at Anthony, and growled

"Listen here if you let your crazy family of yours even touch a SINGLE hair on her hot head self I will personally have them ALL killed," my grandad growled my mate nodded stiffly and glanced at me his question in his eyes

"Wow you didn't know I was the King granddaughter? He'll I'm cousin to the King of werewolves, and I personally know the boy prince of the fey," I said thinking that I haven't visited Arön in a while I decide to make plans to see him, he was sick at the moment, and apperently the little 10 year old thought I was his girlfriend, I never objected since he's adorable. I smiled at the memory when Liam growled, a lower class men walked in with a boy holding hands probably thinking we had left "MINE!" Liam growled the girl and boy looked up and saw us she squeaked and stared wide eyed at us,

When I saw her wolf surface

"MATE?" Her wolf whimpered

"Mine!!" Liam growled the boy ran away and the girl looked like she was going to run to her human Side was taking back control when she ran into Liam's arms and began making out, I rolled my eyes and walked out with my grandad and let the couple have a minute.....

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