Bangkok Thailand :D

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You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

Question to discuss: whats a good way to keep from cutting?  holy shit, i thought the q said "cuddling"... now i feel terrible :/

Stranger: Hi 24 M India :)

You: 973-409-3277   the fucking psychiatrist hotline that i spread everywhere, except people think im a hoe :)

You: :)

You: call me maybe

Stranger: wer

Stranger: how?

You: 40 F bangkok thailand!

Stranger: nice ya

Stranger: u have skyoe

You: nice yo

You: sorry no bro

Stranger: i just visited Bkok

Stranger: awesome place

You: ik

You: lots of banging of cocks

You: :)

Stranger: i did bang lot of girls

Stranger: was super fun

You: visit any of the clubs?

You: i dont go to any of those anymore

Stranger: ya

You: those were the good ol days

Stranger: LAs Vegas was my favoutite

Stranger: I prefer pattaya more

You: now i go to farms and have sex with cows :D

You: like




You: Oh no horsey stay away!

You: *horse drops a steamy pile of shit in front of me*

Stranger: c ay

Stranger has disconnected.

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