"We're all playing a dangerous game. The only thing different is that I don't plan on losing it," May replied and now sat down with her glass of liquor. She took a quick sip of it and then sighed, her body visibly relaxing. "You all might as well sit down and get comfortable. And if I were you two I would be a little more quiet. I'm aware that there are other people here that are sleeping, and I doubt any of us wants to wake them up by being loud and create an audience."

Both Aura and Daiya growled simultaneously at being talked to in such a manner by someone who was a criminal. But they both also knew that May was right and that what they had to talk about right now was not something that should be overheard. So they sat down in chairs on the opposite side of where May was and stared pointedly at her.

"Answer my questions now," Daiya grumbled in anger, spurring the woman across from her on.

"Fine, fine. What that moron see's in you I will never understand," May groaned and Daiya's anger flared a little bit hotter at the mention of her husband. "I was at the palace to make sure that the talks with Frand were successful. I wasn't going to let all the work I have done to get Frand to that point just crumble away because a couple of young royals decided that they knew what was best for the world. That's also why Reiea knows me. I knew I had to eventually make my presence known again so I contacted her on behalf of the Council and started up talks about an alliance. Also, I was related to her ancestor, so in a way she and I are family of sorts."

"I'm really not sure that qualifies. I really hope it doesn't," Aura said softly and shook her head, her voice low but a hard edge to it. "By that logic you and I are also related."

"You should be honoured. Anyways... moving on. Reiea only knows what she needs to know, and nothing more. She doesn't know who I really am, only that it was I who killed the woman who murdered her mother and protected Richard in the process. Strangely enough that was actually all it really took to get her trust. That girl is so much like Celia was when she was her age. Even her affection towards Richard is like what Celia was towards Roku. It's a little creepy to be honest. But, as for your last question, I moved the talks towards the Warriors Contest because it is what all of us need right now. The other kingdoms need to see the strength of Alysia, Elothia, and the Elemental Council. They need to know they can't beat us in open war. But, also, I need the contest to test Richard. He's fine by the way. I'm surprised neither of you asked about him."

Daiya opened her mouth to say something nasty to May, but then quickly shut it. Both her and Aura seemed to think the same thing for a moment and a slightly awkward silence filled the room. It wasn't like Daiya didn't care to ask about how Richard was doing. There was just so much else going on in that moment that talking about her husband didn't quite make the list. She loved him dearly, but they were talking about the fate of their world. Sometimes you had to step back and look at the bigger picture.

"Where is he?" Aura asked for her a moment later, real concern painting her words.

"Islan. I left him in the care of Lillin. That girl can be a little prickly, but she and I are of one mind when it comes to that overgrown idiot. Doesn't hurt that he actually listens to her instructions. Moron..."

"What do you mean you need this tournament to test him?" Daiya now asked as her mind went over May's earlier words.

"It's just like it sounds. I need to figure out where he is in relation to where he should be."

"That's not something you can do with the other Masters and their students?"

"Not exactly. He spars often with the other students there, but it's not the kind of fights he needs. Maria is strong, but she's too young and she often doesn't fight her hardest against Richard because they're friends. Zya on the other hand goes a little overboard when they duel, and her anger at continually losing to him often sends her into a bit of a rage where she no longer sticks to a strategy, causing her to lose her cool. Sadly their teachers are no better, and none of them, including Lillin, will fight Richard seriously enough to push him to his limit. They're afraid of him losing control, even when I put the barrier up as insurance."

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