Grampa Gibbs!

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Jimmy walked over to the door and saw Caitlin hugging Abby, he cleared his throat and Abby's head Shoots up. Jimmy signals for her to come into the backroom, she nods and as she started to walk into the back-room Gibbs walked in "Grampa Gibbs!" Caitlin screamed again. When Jenny heard his name her heart sank into her stomach. "Um Gibbs could you take Caitlin and Brenna up to the bullpen with you please I need to talk 5 Abby alone" Jimmy said once noticing Jenny's face "Sure Palmer, be back in ten abbs" Gibbs said walking into the elevator with Caitlin on his hip and Brenna trailing him. "What's wrong Jimmy?" Abby said 2 along closer, until Jenny walked out of the back room and she backed up "Hello Abby" Jenny said smiling "Jen... W - what? How? WHAT?!" Abby shouted "Abby calm down, call Ducky apparently, he knows what's going on" Jimmy said "What do I know Mr Palmer?" Ducky said entering the lab looking down at his clip board "Hello Dr Mallard" Jenny smiled "Jenny" Ducky said walking over to her and hugging her. "Care to explain?" Abby said "Oh yes, sorry Abigail dear" Ducky said pulling away from Jenny "Jenny didn't die in the diner, Jenny and I staged that. She's been hiding for the last 7 years under the name Michelle Jones in Maryland" Ducky explained "Well why?" Jimmy said looking a bit pissed off "Because Mr Palmer, I had cancer and I was told I had 6 months so I decided along with Ducky that it was best go out of the blue less pain knowing I was dying" Jimmy didn't reply, how could he? Abby on the other hand ran up to Jenny and hugged her tight.


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