Matter of knowing (38)

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Pov Camila


-You want me to forget about Karla Estrabao?

I asked the woman who stared at me in a firm and patient way.

-I want her to exist only for me. And soon.

I loved that possessive way of Lauren, it made me love her even more. But I didn't understand where she wanted to go with that. I was already only hers.

-What do you mean by that?

Lauren took a deep breath and smiled, bringing her hand over mine that rested on the table, where she began a light caress.

-I want you to leave "Imperium".

For a few seconds I was completely paralyzed, trying to figure out if I had heard that from her or if my imagination simply had gone too far.

-Camila... - Lauren whispered, waking me up.

-Are you serious?

-Yes, I thought that well, now that we are together you don't need to go there anymore. - Lauren spoke calmly as she drank her red wine.

-Lauren, me going there or not, it won't interfere with what we have, baby. - I spoke calmly.

-Of course it will. I don't want you there, exposing yourself like that. - she spoke serious.

-Until a week ago you liked it, and you didn't mind. - I let out indifferently.

The woman rolled her eyes and huffed.

-A week ago you weren't my girlfriend.

The atmosphere automatically got heavy, spreading the tension between us.

-What does that change? We are just together officially. Nothing will change.

-Obvious it will, Camila!

-In what?

-In everything! You are mine now.

-And I will always be, Lauren!

-Not being there, dancing for those people. I want you to be only mine.

-You are my girlfriend, Lauren, not my owner.

We stared at each other almost spitting fire. Amazing how everything was too good to be true.

-Wow, I can't believe that you just said that. - she spoke standing up from the table, and in the same instant I regretted for being too rude. I stayed seated staring at Lauren that served herself a little bit more of red wine, to then look towards the rough sea. I stood up slowly and walked towards her.

-I'm sorry. I just want you to understand, I can't leave. - I said touching Lauren's arms affectionately.

-What holds you there?

-I can't simply leave Candece aside. I can't give up on the project with her.

-Project where only she gains, right?

-Lauren, I also receive very well for it.

-Camila, you don't need it!

-If I'm there is because I need it.

-I can give you everything you want, baby.

-I don't want your money.

-I don't want you there. Being with me you'll never need anything.

-Do you really think that I'm the type of person that will be supported by another?

Lauren looked at me incredulously, it was clear the nuisance of having me clash with her.

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