Chapter 1: Coningsby

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Once Upon A Winter-
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Chapter 1: A New Life

Chace stared out his window, his chin rested on his palm as his back pack sat next to him on the seat.
The gentle humming of the car filled his ears. In the corner of his eye, he could see the driver glancing at him every so often in the mirror.
"Chace," she called out to the black haired teen. "Are you nervous?" She asked him.
Chace responded with a shrug. He wasn't really nervous, but he was curious of how these new people would act.
"Well," The woman continued. "I would be nervous. I've never been a foster kid though, so maybe I'm only speaking out of inexperience." She giggled. "You're new parents' names are Ruby and Terrence Owens. They're nice you know! You shouldn't have any problems with them. You know my sister..."

Chace stopped listening to the woman when his phone buzzed. The boy smiled when he saw a text from his dad.
"How's the drive?" His father asked him.
"Fine. It's long. I'm ready to just get there already." Chace typed.
"Abby said to text her when you get there and meet your new folks. She's curious too. You know how your mom is." The dad said.
"Okay, bye dad." Chace sent.
"Bye kid."

The woman in the front looked back at the boy, seeing him smiling on the phone.
"Who was that?" She asked.
"Just Keith, my dad. He said he wanted to know what it's like when I get to Massachusetts." Chace explained.
"Oh alright. Well, just forty more minutes. We're almost there." She said. "You think you can handle it?"
"Yes ma'am."
The woman giggled. "Ma'am makes me feel old. Just call me Cathy, Chace. I'm just the assistant at the foster care after all." She said, smiling with her young lips.
"Alright then."
"Chace," Cathy called out to the sleeping boy in the back. Chace,"
The boy blinked open his cognac-colored eyes.
"Yeah?" He said groggily as lifted his head off of his back pack.
"We're here. I'll walk you in." Cathy got out from the car and opened the trunk, grabbing the rest of his things. Chace looked outside the window. He wiped off a circle of condensation to look at the house.
It was made of all wood, and located right by a lake. There was a pathway leading to the narrow dock made out of stones.
By the lake was a tree and oodles of trees behind the house. The door was red, as well as the windows.

It's so secluded from everyone else. He thought.
Chace stepped out of the car and onto the green grass.

The boy grabbed his things and walked up to the short, wood steps to the red door.
As soon as you walk up those three steps, you have to turn to the left to knock on the door.
"You alright?" Cathy asked the teen.
"Yeah. I'm just used to the suburbs with my old foster parents. Living here by this lake and away from everyone else is just... Strange, I guess."
Cathy nodded and walked up the steps before knocking on the red door.

Chace tapped his feet as he waited for his new parents to answer.
The shriek of excitement that filled his ears was unexpected.

"Chace! Chace Andrelus!" The woman yelled. "Come in come in!" The white woman lead the boy inside her- almost cabin-like house.
"My name is Ruby Owens. This is my husband, Terrence." Terrence was tall and slim. He shook his new son's hand and smiled genuinely.
"Welcome, Chace. We're so happy to have you here." The African American man gestured for Chace to have a seat, as well as Cathy.

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