We had a long talk about the future while drinking coffee. Clyde agreed to let us stay with him for a couple of days until we figured something out.

When we were in our local cafe, Harry sat me down and made me decide what was best for me. He didn't persuade me to do anything, he just went straight to point and asked me what the hell I wanted. I had to give him an answer.

So now, we were in our local library, using a dinosaur computer as I applied for Cheshire University.

"I'm about to projectile vomit all over the computer screen." I panicked, my trembling fingers using the stiff mouse to drag across the computer mat.

Harry was sat next to me, intently watching what I was doing. His hot breath was felt against my neck. "Don't worry, all you have to do is hit the accept button."

I was still slightly hesitant, so I pulled my hand away from the mouse. "If I were to hit the accept button..." I began, which caused Harry to grunt and tiredly roll his eyes. "No, listen- If I were to hit the accept button... Where would I stay? There's no campus there."

He slightly pouted his dark red lips. "With me."

"But where?"

"I guess..." He thought, his eyebrows furrowing slightly. "We could rent an apartment. But that would require us to get jobs and we both know that I'm used to quick money."

"I guess it's time for you to get used to minimum wage." I instructed, rather harshly if I may say so.

Harry had a smirk on his face after that, probably because he was slightly dismayed after my complete dismissal of his opportunity to get "quick money".

"Alright." He tried to keep a straight face.

"So, you'll get a job? One that requires actual work? Like, legal work?"

He seemed a little offended but nodded nevertheless. "Sure."

"I'm still not completely sold that you will." I honestly whispered.

He dramatically took my jaw in his hand and slowly turned my face towards his. "Harley, darling, your highness... I will get a job. I am willing to spend the rest of my life flipping burgers so I can pay rent. And you can work as a part time, uh- Librarian to cover food and... shampoo."

"Alright." I tried to keep a straight face, also.

"Soooo..." Harry encouragingly murmured beside me, directing my eyes back to the monitor. "Are you going to hit the accept button?"

I nodded although the worry was eating me alive. "I'm scared. I haven't felt this way since my parents forced me to apply for Oxford."

"Oh, come on. Cheshire university could be..." Harry seemed a little uncomfortable as he tried to find an appropriate word. "Cool." He weakly spoke, his face slightly sour.

"Why aren't you applying?" I asked.

He paused, his look indecisive as he turned his head to the side. He seemed so awkward and distant. "I am."

"And that's what you want?"

He swallowed, his face somehow stern. "Yeah."

"That's a relief." I sighed with a smile.

His smile faded slightly. "Are you going to hit the accept button already?"

Biting my lip, I nervously shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know."

"We'll do it together, okay?" He whispered to me, his hand slowly taking mine and hovering over the mouse. He dragged the arrow to the accept button, and took a deep breath. "One... Two... Three."

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