Chapter 20

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In typical Becca fashion, she went overboard with dinner. Evelyn was honestly hoping for something easy and quick, a meal that wouldn't take all that long to eat allowing Brandon and her to slip away without too much of an interrogation. She should have known better. When she followed Becca into the kitchen she saw enough food laid out to create a Thanksgiving Day feast. Evelyn cursed silently, this would be no quick dinner.

Evelyn got the vegetables cleaned and chopped while Becca glazed a ham, then onto homemade rolls and gravy, mashed potatoes and what felt like half a dozen pies. By the time they were finished any signs of a freshly cleaned kitchen were gone. Evelyn glanced between the clock on the wall and the mess on the floor, the sigh that followed so loud Becca heard her form the bedroom. "I'll come help you clean up in a minute!" she called.

Evelyn shook her head and groaned softly, knowing that meant it was up to her to clean up. Becca was wonderful at so many different creative things, but when it came to cleaning up the mess afterwards...

So Evelyn cleaned the kitchen. Again. How she managed both the cooking and cleaning without having to change her black shirt would forever be a mystery, but by the time she was done Evelyn made it a point to make a quick trip to her room for a few quick sprays of perfume. Satisfied that she was as ready as she was going to get, Evelyn allowed herself one last glance in the mirror before heading back into the kitchen to wait. Plopping down onto one of the kitchen chairs she glanced over at the clock, it was after five. Evelyn had no idea when Brandon would show up, but she guessed it would be soon.

"Oh, it's all cleaned up already! I was just coming out to help!" Becca said brightly when she finally walked back in.

Evelyn glanced over her shoulder and shot her a knowing look. "Sure you were." She quipped.

"Ham smells good." Becca said, blatantly ignoring Evelyn's look. "What time did he say he was going to be here?"

"Not sure, probably any time now. Where's Lenny?"

"Taking as long as possible to get changed, as usual. I think he thinks that taking his time will hold you back from growing up." Becca chuckled.

A knock on the door interrupted the conversation. Evelyn felt her heart jump at the sound. She took a deep breath, wondering again why she was so nervous. "He's here."

Becca smiled. "I gathered that, go let him in before he thinks you've changed your mind."

Heart in throat, Evelyn stood up and crossed the distance between the table and door in a couple quick steps, trying to strike the delicate balance between looking too eager in front of Becca and getting to the door as quickly as possible. When she opened the door the look on Brandon's face, along with the little zing of excited electricity he sent coursing through her body, made the long, tiring day worth the effort.

"Come on in." Evelyn said sheepishly, silently cursing herself again for sounding like a schoolgirl with a crush.

Brandon came in, holding a two liter of soda in each hand. "I uh, didn't know if I was supposed to bring anything, or..."

He was nervous, very nervous. Evelyn was grateful for that, somehow feeling a bit less silly about her own trepidations. She took the drinks out of his hands and put them on the counter before leading him into the kitchen. "You didn't have to bring anything, but thanks. I'm sure you remember Becca?"

"I remember a well-deserved icy stare down, yes." Brandon said with a nervous laugh, he held his hand out to Becca. "I'm Brandon, it's a pleasure to meet you under less awkward circumstances."

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