Chapter 10: Gone

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Astrid's POV

Not the Outcast. They always come after Hiccup. Why can't they just leave him alone. I guess I must have looking really upset because Hiccup is now engulfing me in a hug.

"Hey, its okay Astrid. We just need to see what they want." Hiccup says soothingly.

"I know. But I just don't want anything to happen to you. I know they are coming here for you." I say, breaking the hug and looking into his mesmerizing eyes.

"Nothing is going to happen. I mean, come on, its the Outcast. We all know they aren't the sharpest swords in the forge. Their plans always fail." He says reassuringly.

"Yeah I guess you're right. I shouldn't be worried."

"When am I every wrong." He smirks.

"Oh so now you're stealing my line." I laughed.

"Yep" he says, popping the p. He wraps his arm around my waist and we walk to the shore line to wait for the Outcast.

When the Outcast finally make it to shore, Alvin, leader of the Outcast, jumps off and stands in front of me and Hiccup.

"Ah, Berk. How wonderful it is to finally be back." He glances at me and Hiccup.

"What do you want Alvin?" Hiccup ask wrapping his arm tighter around my waist. Alvin seems to notice and scoffs.

"I see you got yourself a wife." He says, pointing at our rings. "To bad you're going to have to leave her."

"I'm not going anywhere!" Hiccup says raising his voice. "Now tell me. What do you want."

"What I've always wanted... For you to train my dragons. And if you aren't willing to come with me then I'm going to have to force you... Your choice." Alvin states, pulling out a sword.

"I said I'm not going anywhere." Hiccup says, pulling out his own sword. My axe is on Stormfly's saddle still. I whistle for her and she lands beside me. I pull my axe free, getting ready to fight.

"Oh alright then. Your choice... Attack lads!" Alvin yells to his men and they all rush off the boats.

The whole village is fighting. I took out an Outcast and made my way towards Hiccup. We got separated when the fight started. When I spotted him, my worst fear came true. Alvin had Hiccup draped over his shoulder. Carrying him off to the boats. I tried to go after him, but another Outcast stopped me and swung his sword. The tip of the sword caught my cheek and it gave me a small  gash there. I fought back against him and beat him.

"Back to the ships lads! We've got what we came for!" Alvin ordered his men. They all retreated.

"No!" I screamed and tried to go after them, but Ruffnut held me back. I got free from her grip and ran to the cove.

I collapsed onto the ground. Screaming and crying, yanking grass from the ground. I curled up on the ground hugging my knees. Tears flowing freely from my eyes.

How could this happen? Alvin's plans never worked. What if we never get him back. No! We will get him back! We have to! He's all I've got left.

I ran my fingers across the scar on my arm. He's always with me in a way I guess. He left his mark on me. A mark that will never go away. I smiled at that thought.

---Next Morning---
I guess I fell asleep in the cove. I got up, dusted myself off and made my way back to the village.

I'm about to enter the house when Valka runs up to me. I stop and turn to face her.

"Astrid, I've been looking all over for you. I hate to break it to you, but since Hiccup is gone... You are the chief until he gets back." She says.

"Well great! Thats just what I wanted to deal with today." I say sarcastically.

I walk in the house and go up to the bedroom. I sit down on the bed and hug my knees. My cheek starts to hurt from the gash. I try to ignore it, but it just keeps hurting. I decide to go look at it in the mirror.

I stand up and instantly there is a pain in my stomach and a wave of nausea comes over me. I hurry to the bathroom and throw up as soon as I get there. Its kind of weird. I rarely ever get sick. I always stay fit and healthy so I'm ready to fight if necessary. Maybe its just cause I'm upset.

I shrug it off and look in the mirror at my cheek. It doesn't look to bad, but definitely needs cleaning.

I go outside to get some water to wash my cheek. I carry in a bucket and set it in the bathroom. I begin working on cleaning it up.

I'm almost done cleaning my cheek, when Ruff comes barging in. Really will she ever learn to knock?

"Astrid are you okay? You didn't come home last night. I was worried." Ruff says, grabbing my shoulders.

"I'm fine Ruff. I went to the cove and I guess I fell asleep there by accident." I shrug her hands off my shoulders.

"Oh okay. Well I'm glad to see you're okay... So what is your plan for getting him back?" She ask.

Plan? I never really thought about that. Well I am temporary chief now so I guess I should have been thinking about that.

"I don't have one. Why don't you go gather the gang up and meet me back here so we can make one." I suggest.

"Huh. Yeah about that..." She opened the door and the gang was standing outside.

"Hi Astrid." Fishlegs waves.

"Well okay lets get started!" I say. Everyone comes in and we sit around the table. We will get Hiccup back. I'll stop at nothing to bring him home.
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