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Everything changes. It's something as inevitable as playing with fire and not getting hurt. People change and sometimes, we can't do anything about it, even if it's the thing we want to do the most. Out of nowhere, they just walk out of your life and decide that they're bored of you and that you're not worth their time anymore.

It will hurt like hell at first, that is certain.

You'll cry yourself to sleep, wondering what you did wrong, and there will be sometimes where you'll wake up in the middle of the night thinking that you're all alone in this world full of people who never seem to care. You'll keep asking yourself when was the last time you had a good night sleep and it's for sure that after a while, you'll blame yourself for everything. You'll think that you're the one responsible for them leaving you and for having the capacity of  screwing up every single thing you touch.

For some time, you'll have to release all of the pain that's been bottled up inside you. You'll have to turn on the radio at its highest volume so you can't feel anything but the sound of your veins thumping and vibrating according to its rhythm. You'll have to scream and cry and feel every single type of emotion you have to feel in order to be alright.

And throughout this point of your life, you'll get lost. And somehow, you'll discover that that's the best way to find yourself. You'll find all of the missing parts of you that you've lost during your whole life. You'll find the part of yourself you've lost while you were crying on your bedroom, with the lights off and the clock striking 3:00 am. The one you left at the school's restroom while you sat between the sinks during your chemistry period, thinking about what those skinny girls said about you and letting their distorted opinions get to your head. The ones you lost while you kept looking at your phone nonstop, waiting for that text from him that never even got sent.

One day, you'll find yourself in the middle of nowhere and with that, you'll see that just like people, things also change. Fake smiles turn into real ones; 'broken' becomes 'alright'; days turn into months and when you least expect it, everything is finally feeling okay.

I'm back with a new story! Woo-hoo! It's Stephanie's story, Bella's sister. Hope you like it!

Credits to @WishesOnStars and @Nikki_crystal for helping me with the description! You guys are amazing! :)


Jas, xx.

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