Freedom Finally!

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Harry: (playing video games)

Liam:(comes in his room) come on baby let's get this over with

Harry: Liam I learned my lesson

Liam: (sighs) I know you did but this is your last one and besides its time to get that horrible thing off you (referring to the diaper)

Harry: (more happier) its been a month. Yay!!!

Liam: yes It has let's go (drags him off the bed)

(Both walk in Liam's room)

Liam: (puts Harry on the blanket n the middle of the floor, than pulls down his sweatpants and diaper)

Harry: (whimpers)

Liam: Haz this is going to hurt for a minute rubbing circles on his back to calm him down

Harry: (sighs) I know just make It quick

Liam: I will babe thinking (how many should I do maybe 30 yeah 30 sounds good starts spanking him)

Harry: (grunting each time) oww it hurts

Liam: I know just ten more

Harry: (moving uncomfortable)

Liam: stay still Hazza

Harry: Papa D I can't

Liam: (puts out his hand for Harry to hold on)

Harry: (grabs It and squeezes tightly)

Liam: just five more ok

Harry: ok five more I can do this

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Liam: (all done grabs the lotion and rubs some on his butt) I love you Baby Hazza

Harry: I love you too Li

Liam:(flips him over and puts boxers on him instead) alright stand up

Harry: (stands up)

Liam: (pulls up his boxers and puts his sweatpants back on) I hope I never have to do that again Haz I hate it

Harry: I know I hate it too

Liam: (chuckles, and than pulls Harry into a hug and rubs his back) Hazza even though you think we're annoying we will never ever stop loving you

Harry: I know Li I will forever love you too

(Both hug and smile caring about each other so much)

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