Part Ten

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Here it is! Part ten. Enjoy your wait. Mwahaha. Mwa... mwaha... ha. Nah, I'll stick to normal laughter. I guess I shouldn't try out for Jaffar's role in this year's drama show...

Where was I? Oh yeah.



The moment they landed, Nico identified the creatures. Hellhounds. The thought pierced a fracture of his brain as he remembered the ignorant hellhound he'd met on his way there. Which reminded him, suddenly, of his dream the night before. How had things gone downhill so badly? The thought made him grit his teeth.

But when he noticed the boy and girl standing in front of them, he nearly broke his lower teeth with the upper row, which seemed lame to him later. Though there was a reason for it.

The boy was very pale, so that the diagonal scar glistened against his skin, running from the tip of his left eyebrow and reached the bottom of his lower lip. He was taller than Kai, but looked about the same age as him. His clothes weren't flashy and purposely ripped, but rather meek, plain black. A black sleeveless shirt and black pants. His hair was brown and long and his green eyes struck Nico as unique. His gaze was kind enough. If he wasn't standing by Kai, Nico would've even asked him for help. The only thing that seemed to ruin the picture was his scar. For a lingering moment, Nico wondered where he got it from.

The girl was another story. She looked older than both of the boys, and her attire resembled Kai's. Nico registered ripped jeans, leather punk jacket and a black blooded-down Henry the eighth T-shirt with "EXECUTE" harshly printed on the front. Her hair was long and red, too red not to be dyed. Not that Nico doubted that. Her expression was hostile, hiding a nature of madness behind them.

"Nice party, Kai."  Her voice was like a razor stroking Nico's ear unkindly, but still obviously feminine. She parted the fingers of her raised hand and a long, tangling string of yarn fell to the pavement. Nico never payed attention to yarn. He hated the idea of knitting and sowing and never bothered fixing the holed in his pants unless Piper insisted on doing it herself. But the stark white twined thread looked horribly familiar to him. In his mind, he pictured the thread being strung on a spinning wheel — twined with many others like it — held in bleached, wrinkled hands lined with folds and furrows.

His eyes widened once he realized why. He must have seen it in a mythology textbook, and then again and again in his dream, though he only remembered seeing the worn thread thumping soundlessly to the pavement in a light motion upon seeing it in reality.

It was a small strand of the string of lifelines, that Nico felt sure that until now was safely held in the three Fates' hands.

A million red light bulbs popped up in Nico's head as the girl raised her foot on her heel and crushed the string crudely with the sole of her boot. He saw her sneer up at him before his vision became tinted black.


Now that I think about it, I am kind of sorry it took me so long to post this...

Know what? Nah. It was fun being evil. I'm now gonna leave you with this chick of a hanger for a while and see how you like it.


Damn it.

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