The Beginning Of Us

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The rain outside was pouring. The kids weren't bothered at all from it though. Cousins Toby and Wes playfully teased there best friend Juliana in there tree house in the backyard of Toby's 6 story mansion. Courtesy of there rich lawyer parents they were a group of spoiled children but they weren't mean just protective over there precious Juliana.

"I found you!" Juliana screeched and laughed at the dishelved Toby and Wes who were piled on top of each other in the tree house closet hiding.

Juliana's pigtails bounced up and down as she giggled at the boys. They tried there best to hide from her but she always found them.

Juliana could tell by there sad expression on there faces they were not happy that Juliana again found them so easily every time they played hide and seek.

"I'm sorry do you wanna hide again?" Juliana pouted as they slowly got to there feet.

Toby immediately smiled when he saw Juliana pouting. He didn't like seeing her sad and he knew it was because of him.

"It's okay jewels, you can hide from us now." Toby hugged her while calling her his special nickname. Juliana smiled.

"Yeah!" Wes jumped in. "I bet you'll find a great spot and we won't find you for years!" Wes stretched his little arms in the air and Juliana giggled. "Okay."

Just as the boys ran to the wall to count they heard Toby's dad calling them from the back door of the house.

"Dinners ready kids!" He shouted.

"Awwww Man!" Wes stomped his foot to the ground but Toby and Julianna were excited to eat dinner.

"Come on Wes where gonna eat together." Juliana offered her hand to Wes and he reluctantly took it as they all climbed down the latter from the tree house. It was a struggle to hold hands while climbing down the latter but the best friends managed to get to the ground safely.

"dad!" Toby yelled as the kids ran to Toby's father, Toby immidietly hugging him.

"Hey son" Mr. Lexington smiled down at Toby's face and smiled.

Toby quickly got out of his father grasp to follow Julianna and Wes into the house.

"No!" Juliana screamed to the top of her lungs. She couldn't believe the horror in front of her. It was her mom. Juliana Hated when it was time for her to go home because that meant she was going to be away from Wes and Toby. Every single time there parents tried to separate the best friends they all expressed violent tantrums.

"Don't let her take me! Toby! Wes!" Juliana Screamed and ran into Toby's arms. He quickly wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.

"Your not taking her!" Toby shouted at Julianna's mom. Julianna's mom, Mrs. Sparks simply shook her head and glanced at Toby's dad.

"Come on son Juliana will come back tomorrow." Toby's father quickly grabbed Toby while Mrs. Sparks grabbed Julianna. All three of the children screamed loudly and cried very hard, it was torture for them to be separated it actually hurt them mentally and physically to be apart.

Wes was curled up in a corner screaming and crying while Mrs. Sparks tried her best to keep Juliana from falling out of her arms because she was kicking and screaming.

Mrs. sparks and Mr. Lexington sent a knowing glance at each other. They were use to this. Every time they tried to separate the kids it got harder and harder because they always acted like this.

"Just let Juliana stay we'll figure out something." mr. Lexington gave in and Mrs. Sparks agreed. As soon as there parents let the kids out of there hands Juliana and Toby ran to each other and hugged.

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