60. Dinner

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This isn't the best chapter, but enjoy! It's supposed to be a bit cheeky, so don't get too mad! Okay I love you! Follow me twitter for pics of Rose and any other characters you want to see! @confusedbcharry follow my tumblr: mckenduhx.tumblr.com love you thanks for reading:) x*

60. Dinner

I felt the wind blow hard adjusting my top uncomfortably. I pulled it down over my hips once more walking through the door Harry was holding open.

We went to the front desk smiling at the lady who looked clearly of displeasure.

"How many?" She asked annoyed.

"Two." I smiled despite her attitude.

"Follow me." She insisted grabbing menus and walking ahead of us. I shot harry a worried look which he responded with a smile. "Your waiter will be with you shortly." She walked off. I sat across from his peeling off my leather jacket and setting it on the back of my chair. He smirked at me noticing I was wearing his jumper that had 'Teenage Runaway' in bold letters on the chest. I rolled my eyes giggling silently.

I opened my menu and looked at my options. I hated reading menus. They always had different types of things that I really wanted but I could only choose one. I noticed a chicken Alfredo and instantly decided upon it shutting my menu.

"What are you getting?" He asked me.

"Chicken Alfredo. You?" I asked equally interested.

"Steak." He shrugged.

"So manly." I rolled my eyes.

"You're mean, did ya know that?" He rubbed his foot up my leg making my skin turn into gooseflesh. My eyes shot up at him and he continued looking at his menu. I used my other foot and skimmed my foot up his legs towards his crotch as his giant hand grabbed my foot. He narrowed his eyes and shook his head finally looking up at me.

I wiggled my toes inside my spiked shoes and he squeezed harder.

"They're black." I whispered as he turned around looking for something.

"Sh! They might here you." He referred to the couple sitting on the other side of the resturant.

"You numb-y! I'm meant my toenails! I painted them black again!" I rolled my eyes in embarrassment.

"Oh." He said lowly and embarrassed.

"You're so stupid."

"There you go again-"

"Well-" I gestured to the couple again.

"How was I supposed to know?"

"Why would I say anything about a black couple?!"

"I was confused." He clarified.

"Oh whatever." I bit back laughter. We both smiled like idiots at each other and then acted normal removing our limbs from each others laps as the waitress came over.

"Hello, I'm Natalie i'll be your waitress for today what can I get you?" She asked looking back and forth at me and Harry.

"Ladies first." He insisted.

"So you'll be going then?" I asked with a cheeky smirk as he bit his lip restraining himself.

"I'll take a steak well done." He he giggled slightly.

"Anything on it?"

"Nope, but a side of potatoes." He continued his order.

"Okay, and for your drink?"

"Merlot." He leaned against the table.

"Sure." She scribbled his order down then shifted towards me. "And you?" She asked leaning closer.

"Chicken Alfredo." I nodded.

"Okay, and would you like Merlot as well?"

"Maybe, a diet coke with lime and Rum?" I said questioningly.

"I'll make that happen, i'll be right out with your drinks." She smiled walking off.

We met each others gaze and rolled our eyes.

"So this is our first official back together date." I sighed unraveling our silver wear.

"Yes it is, and gemma's party will be the next."

"Right, but remember its a ball. That means we need to go dress shopping." I reminded.

"Dress? I love when you wear dresses." He smiled at me.


"Yeah, but if we're being honest here, I'd much rather take it off." He winked at me seductively.

I licked my lips fighting my urges and finally overcame my battle.

"The last time you tried that mummy came with gifts and it wasn't your dignity so keep it in your pants, Styles."

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