Who's this brat...!


I'm going to inspect your luggage!

  What is this? 

Ah! S-stop it...!

I hear...

You can't...take this luggage.


Have I finally reached the afterlife?

And then there was a flash of light. I opened my eyes, not expecting to see an entirely new and different scene in front of me. I was currently bound by a rope and my mouth was covered with a piece of cloth. Stuffed inside a ripped sack, fear wasn't the only thing I was feeling. Worst thing was, I had no idea where on earth I was.

I was kidnapped?

Anyway, judging from what I was seeing right now in front of me, there was a crowd of people wearing what looked to be clothes from an ancient era. Did I go backwards in time or something? My eyes immediately zeroed in on four certain people. Two young boys and two dark-skinned adult males. It was like both of them were in pairs. One pair was in the sidelines while the other pair was currently facing off each other.

As I watched the pair that was facing each other, I noticed that the man suddenly brought out a knife that was hidden in his clothes. "You full of yourself..." He muttered just as another man appeared behind him.

"You brat..." The dark-skinned male was suddenly slammed to the ground. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY GRANDSON?!?!!" The newcomer yelled. He was an old man with a scar etched over his right eye. I didn't know him but then my mind suddenly supplied his identity to me. Son Mundok, General and Chief of the Wind Tribe. 

Everyone started cheering for the old man. The dark-skinned man's partner fled in fear, only to come across a man who donned an armor with the design of a dragon on it. He was beaten, very badly if I may add.

The scuffle had finally ended and the two boys were fast approaching to where I was currently situated. I was in a dilemma right now. Should I pretend to be asleep or just keep myself awake? Dammit! I can't think! Unfortunately, my decision had been already made for me. They had already seen me awake.

Oh well, let's just get on with it. 

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