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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 11: Team Seven Reunited

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"You go help him," Suigetsu ordered me, and I frowned looking over at the battle with a scowl.

"Nah, he's got it, look, he's barely wound-" I was cut off as the Raikage punched the Uchiha in the stomach. "-ed.... Why don't you help him?" Sasuke used his Amaterasu to attempt to kill the Raikage, whose name seemed to have slipped my mind. The Raikage dodged and it hit a standing Samurai. A giggle slipped out my lips. Sucker. Suigetsu used this moment to try and help Sasuke, but was blocked by the Raikage's men as they fought Suigetsu ended up being pinned to the wall by his own blade. He turned his body mostly into water, so he was okay. Juugo had been taken out a while ago.

The Raikage tried to punch Sasuke from behind but the flames of Amaterasu shielded him in a sphere. But the Raikage didn't stop, with a yell of pain he kept punching as flames ate at his arm. Sasuke flew back as the force of the punch knocked a bit out of him. Just as the Raikage was gong to hit the Uchiha again, sand stopped him.

I looked over at Gaara semi-surprised, he stood with his brother and sister, who then attempted to rid the flames off the Samurai successfully.

"Stand back, Samurai. This is between ninjas. There's no need for you Samurai to lose your lives over this," Gaara ordered. I was next to Sasuke in an instant, catching Gaara's attention. His eyes slightly narrowed.

"Why have you interfered Kazekage!? If I don't like your answer, I won't let you off easily!" The Raikage flared. Gaara closed his eyes before opening them again.

"If you had continued to attack the black flames would have harmed you more," Gaara answered as the Raikage ripped off his Amaterasu infected arm. I knelt down next to Sasuke, my tattoo acting up as I took away at least some of his pain, drawing it into myself. He sat up, using me to support him. "Besides I want to talk to Uchiha Sasuke," Gaara paused before speaking again. "Your eyes are still the same.... I've realized that living for revenge doesn't solve anything. It's not too late for you, don't escape into your own little world possessed by hatred. You won't be able to return."

As Gaara spoke, I wiped the blood from Sasuke's eye and mouth. Rolling my own eyes at the sound of Gaara's useless attempt to change Sasuke's mind.

"What is there for him if he came back now? Will everyone just accept him as if he hasn't done anything wrong?" I finally asked, turning to look at Gaara. Sasuke's lips raised in a smirk. "Do you think there will be a place for him there? Don't make me laugh."

"I'm already a criminal who's gave into my hate," Sasuke finished. Temari and Kankuro started whispering things to Gaara, no doubt trying to make him give up on Sasuke.

"Sasuke you and I are alike. We have walked through the darkness of the world. That's why we are able to see even a sliver of light. Both back then and even now," Gaara said.

"I have long since closed my eyes. My only goal is in the darkness," Sasuke said simply, a smirk aligning his lips. I looked up surprised as a tear dropped down Gaara's eye and sand raised from his gourd. "Sana move back." Sasuke ordered, I smiled and nodded, happy he was still able to fight even though I only managed to heal him a little.

I was next to Karin in an instant, putting my hand on her shoulder.

"They now know we have a sensor with us," I whispered, trying to ignore Sasuke's evil Chakra rising. "Have you found the location of him?"

"Yes," she said, looking over at Sasuke worriedly.

"Don't worry, have faith in his abilities. He won't be dying today," I whispered, and she looked up at me. I looked over at Sasuke quickly as he began to use Itachi's most powerful offense as well as defense. A skeleton figure raised behind Sasuke, made completely out of Chakra.

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