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The Devil lives in my Attic [Part.2]

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Chapter II

I storm Through the house, working my way to the back door.

I can here the Music starting up.

Oh shit!

I have to be up there.

I'm the Maid of Honor!

I circle around the chairs and manage to slip into place right before mom gets into position next to Steve. She looks So happy that I momentarily forget about the little incident at the door.

That is, until Mr. Perfect walks through the gate and into the backyard. A scowl works it's way onto my face as I stare pointedly in his direction. A few guests look back to where I'm shooting mental daggers before turning their attention back to who we're supposed to be focusing on.

I can't seem to take my eyes away from him. And what the hell does he think he's wearing!

This is a wedding and he shows up in a black t-shirt and ripped jeans! I'm partially pissed because I was forced into this Barbie doll get-up and not wearing what I want, like him, and the other part of me is pissed because he looks so damn good in it.

I bite my lip, mentally slap myself, and try to pay attention to my mother as she takes her vows. But somehow my gaze is dragged back to him, and his gaze is on me. He flips me off and I stick my tongue out at him, thankfully, no one noticed. Then to my horror he makes a very sexy but very vulgar sign, by making a v with his first two fingers and flicking his tongue through it.

Alright that does it!

This guy is pissing me off.

And I have to live with this punk!

I'm fuming with rage at this point and don't even notice the hundred and some pairs of eyes staring at my face, which I assume is contorted into a glower.


This is mom's big day.




C'mon Willow you know how to smile, do it before you mess up your mother's wedding damn it!!

I try to arrange my face into a pleasant smile and push Zane........I mean Zen...........err was it Zaid.........Oh who cares what his name is!!

oh thats right, Zayden thats what it was.

Hello did you just now not hear me stop thinking about him!

Anyway I try to push HIM out of my mind.

I think I successfully managed to get through the rest of the wedding with a smile on my face as I thought of every possible thing that wasn't Zayden Raven. At one point an image of pink and purple dinosaurs running through a medowbeing chased by a pirate with a neon green eye-patch and two peg legs covered in rubber duckies even flashed across my mind. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to suppress the laughter.

As soon as the wedding's over I dash for my room to get out of this undeniably uncomfortable dress. As soon as I get up to my room I slip out of my dress and browse through my dresser. I find the jeans I'm looking for and turn to look in my closet for a shirt, but in mid-turn I stop dead in my tracks because in the doorway stands Zayden with that stupid smirk on his face.

"Nice undies," he says nodding toward my black underpants covered in pink skulls and the matching bra.

I lose my voice for a split second before I scream, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM YOU PERVERT!!!!" and I throw whatevers within reach at him. He dodges everything. I grab my blanket and wrap it around myself.

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