Ch. 2

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Ch. 2

Thalia pulled her parka tight around her as the wind whipped hard and the cold night air sent a shiver down her body. December in New England wasn't the place she envisioned spending her weekend... And yet, here she was, standing in the middle of Maine, shivering as the wind blistered her red cheeks.

She glanced to her left where Luke was trying to shake the cold out of his body as well.

Two years had passed since they found their way to Camp Half Blood.

That was an experience, she remembered less than fondly.

All three kindly ones and a pack of Hellhounds on their trail, useless Grover leaving them half way up Half Blood Hill and three inexperienced half-bloods barely armed against and Hades' minions was not her idea of a good time.

Then there was that mysterious guy, er, god, er, whatever he was. He called her little sis, which only made her more confused about the whole thing. Whoever or whatever he was, he was powerful. She'd met a couple Olympians and he felt, well, different. Powerful, probably more powerful than most gods she'd met, maybe outside of her father, but also different. She got a certain vibe from the Olympians she'd met, that guy was different.

She'd hoped to find out more about him but away from Luke and Annabeth, she hadn't been able to even mention it. Chiron had made it very clear on their first night that mentioning him and what happened would not end well. He refused to elaborate or tell her who he was, claiming he wasn't sure, but she could tell he was lying. He knew who he was, or at least, had a pretty good idea. But having gotten to know Chiron, anyone who made him that uneasy was probably not someone she wanted to know anything about anyway.

Though when they were alone, Luke and she talked about him a lot, debating who he might be... She thought he might be a Titan but couldn't be sure. For one, she had no idea what a Titan was supposed to look like but that was the best conjecture she could come up with. Luke didn't have a better answer so she decided to go with that for now.

Now wasn't the time to think about such things though. They had a job to do and it certainly wasn't getting done daydreaming in the middle of winter in upstate Maine. Chiron had sent them here to help Grover, who had sent a distress call about two powerful half-bloods in danger. As they made their way up to the door, she realized they hadn't come up with anything close to a plan.

Before she had a chance to stop him, Luke opened the door to the Westover Hall School Gymnasium, revealing what seemed like a pretty lame dance. Balloons and decorations littered the basketball court. The lights were slightly dimmed and a multicolored strobe light gave Thalia an almost instant headache. She tried not to vomit when she heard Britney Spears playing loudly from the speakers set up next to a douchey looking DJ on the other side of the room. The boys and girls seemed to be on different sides of the gym trying to get as far away from each other as humanly possible.

Barf, she thought morosely... A boy/girl dance with middle school kids was about the last place she ever wanted to be.

Before they had a chance to even look for Grover, two people seemed to materialize right in front of them. The first was an older looking woman; she had a grey hair and thick glasses. She looked at the duo suspiciously.

The other was a younger but stranger looking man. He had one of those thin mustaches that curled around his lip. His golden slicked back hair looked almost unnatural. It wasn't blonde, nor was it red. It was golden, like the color of a lion's fur which looked really weird on his pale face. He wore a dark suit and looked at them with the strangest pair of eyes she'd ever seen. One of them was green, the other was sky blue... Not that different than the color of her own eyes.

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