Chapter 1

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Kurt's POV

It's a new year at McKinley High, and I don't know how it could get any worse. Even glee club can't cheer me up like it used to. I'm in my senior year, and I've already given up. I used to be so strong, and fearless, but now, all I feel is weak.

"Hey, watch it, lady!" shouts McKinley's biggest jock, Dave Karofsky. It's his lifelong mission to make my life a living hell, same with all the other jocks and bullies at this school.

His chubby hands grip my shoulders, and slam me into a locker, causing me to spiral down to the floor. I don't even try to fight back anymore. He and his other neanderthals give me a satisfied look, while laughing, and strutting away.

I've always known that I was an underdog, so feeling low was normal, but these days, I feel lower than the lowest.

I keep asking myself; why don't I get a happy ending like everyone else?' Being an open, and proud gay probably isn't helping, but there's no room for hope anymore.

I don't know what it was that suddenly changed me. Maybe it was that I was being shoved and pushed more than I used to. Maybe because now I have the word 'fag' scratched onto my locker, and it doesn't come off. But I think it was the death threat.

Yes, David Karofsky threatened to kill me if I told anyone that he kissed me.

And yes, David Karofsky kissed me.

It was horrible. And the worst part is, nobody knows about it. I'm so scared that I can't even speak up for myself.

I can't handle being this scared anymore. I love my friends here, and I love glee club, but I just can't do it anymore. I'm going to transfer. I don't know where yet, but I talked to my dad, and there are a few private schools that I could enroll in.


I hear someone behind me call my name.

My best friend, Rachel, stands a few steps away wearing tights and a reindeer sweater. Her eyebrows are pointed down.

"Hey, Rachel," I say, trying my best to sound happy. I brush the lint and dirt off of my sequined leather pants, and stand, giving her a fake smile.

She doesn't say anything; it's like she can read my mind. She embraces me in a hug, which makes me grin for real.

After pulling away, she gives me a worried look.

"You can't let these people bring you down!" She says to me, crossing her arms.

"Rachel, I've tried, but I can't do this anymore," I tell her with a sigh.

"You've never let them bother you before. It kills me to see you so miserable."

I just look down. I have to tell her, and it has to be soon.

"I know that look! There's something else you aren't saying." Rachel taps her foot impatiently.

"I'm transferring." I tell her, quick and final. A look of horror crosses her face, and her eyes tear up. Mine start to water as well.

"No, Kurt, you can't be serious! We need you here! I need you!" She starts to cry, a tear rolls onto the floor.

"I'm so sorry, Rachel. But this is my decision, and I can't stay. You know that." I wipe my eyes with a tissue, and hand it to her.

"Well, for what it's worth, I'm proud of you. But I'll miss you like crazy. My senior won't be complete without you." She smiles despite her sadness, and pulls me into another hug.

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