St. Scott Academy. A school for elites. Has a very large school grounds, air-conditioned classrooms to it's very expensice foods. The school where these 10 royalties clashed together. They are called Academy Royalties or A.R.10. They are treated as celebrities and the most special people in this institution. Sila ang sampung mag-aaral na syang pinaka mayaman at pinaka popular. But that's not all. They also have the Beauty/Handsomeness, the brain and the most important, a heart. A heart who's willing to help to those people who are in need. Binubuo ang grupong ito ng limang babae at limang lalake na may kanya-kanyang titulong hinahawakan bilang Royalties.

But there is a thing na hinding-hindi nila pinagkakasunduan. Ang magdesisyon bilang isang grupo. Boys have their own rules and same as the girls. They always clash. In academics, extra culicular, sports and even on FAME. Yes. They argue from the smallest details and somehow make it bigger. 

Paano kaya magkakasundo ang A.R.10? Ano kaya ang magagawa ng pagiging Royalties nila? Will they end up HATING each other? Or will they end up LOVING each other? Kilalanin natin ang  ACADEMY ROYALTIES! <3

Clash of the Campus RoyaltiesBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!