Meet My Boyfriend

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AN. Thanks for the idea of Bellas boyfriend.

I dont own anything. But still I wish I did.

My boyfriend is Conner Stoll. He always made me happy. When we were bored and Travis was with Katie we did pranks. But you may ask how did you get with Conner? Well we were doing a prank on Percy and when he found out he soaked us because we didn't expect it. Then it was the perfect time and he said "I love you." I always had feelings for him but never told him. I responded by leaning in and kissing him. From then on we dated. I still call him and his brother the Stolls. Ok lets get back. Soon we broke the kiss and gazed into eachothers eyes.Then he spoke " I missed you so much Izzy" Yes Izzy only a few people are allowed to call me that. Those are Nico, Jason, Percy Leo, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Piper, Katie, Travis and Conner also sometimes Thalia. "Same. Now tell me any good pranks?" We went on talking about camp and Forks he knew it was a act the love. So soon it was dinner and I got my food and prayed to dad. As dinner went on we got a message saying the Cullens were going to be staying.

Then it all went down hill because they would be staying in my cabin and they were who I loved like a second family but hated to pixie and penny head. Then they showed up and all of us were on gaurd because they lost the trust. Dinner ended and we walked to the camp fire they tried to talk to me but never got out a word because we started. As smores were made I had marshmallow on my lips so me being with Conner him and I kissed so I got marshmallow on him. He pouted as he relized what I did. I just smile and kissed him again. We talked and he walked me to my cabin to kiss me goodnight and we left. Once in I was questioned. Oh yay now its time to anwser! Note my sarcasm.

AN Ok I went with her dating Conner he was the right for the story. Thanks comment please.


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