Ch. 1- Victory

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Layla Cortdale

'Only one more strike and than the sweet taste of victory' I said to myself.

"Lakewood, Lakewood, Lakewood" the crowd cheered

'You can do this' mind linked Nicole, my catcher/bestfriend

'Calm down and release in front and make sure to open your your hips when your releasing the ball, I have faith in you'

'Thanks Boo' I replied, then blocked off any distractions.

"Count- 3 balls and 2 strikes" the Umpire said

'Okay, here goes nothing' I said while taking a deep breathe in

I set myself up in the pitchers mount, I looked at Nicole one last time and we were gonna do a change-up, I released the ball and it went into Nicole's glove perfectly.

"STRIKEEEE" the Umpire shouted.

"Yes! We won, now to the playoffs!"

My name is Layla Cortdale, and I'm the pitcher for Lakewood High school. I have an amazing coach, the best teammates, and a fabulous support system, by the way I'm a werewolf. Not something you hear everyday, right? But my whole town consists of werewolves and a few humans, basically 60% of the world population consists of werewolves, 30% vampires and 10% of humans. There aren't a lot of vampires because there was a big war, that I'm not gonna get into, its extremely boring. My dad is the alpha of the Black Dusk pack, we are the second largest pack in the whole world, I couldn't be more proud. The largest pack is the kingdom of werewolves, run be the Alpha King. I am next in line for the alpha title since I didn't have any siblings, I was anxious, would a pack want a girl for their alpha? Would people take me seriously? Would they like me? All these questions where running in my head that i didn't here my dad calling my name.

"Yes dad?"

"What do you want to get?"

"Ummm I'll take the usual" I replied

"Okay, you can sit over there, while I order"

"Okay, thanks dad" He nodded his head and went to the counter.

While I was walking nonchalantly to the table, I saw male humans/wolves looking at me with lust, I was embarrassed. Im not saying I'm ugly, but I wasn't the prettiest girl, I have blueish- green eyes and long wavy auburn hair. I sat down at the booth and started playing with my fingers, dad walked over and sat down with the ice creams. You see, after the game, my whole team and I went to outback for dinner and then they all left to go home, but dad wanted to take me out for some Cold-stone ice cream and I gladly accepted his offer and now here we are.

" Congrats on your win"

"Thanks dad"

"Are you excited for the playoffs?"

"More like ecstatic! I cant wait"

"I'm happy to hear that" dad smiled

"Layla" said dad after a couple minutes of silence

"Yeah" I replied

"Whats on your mind"

I gulped, I looked at him nervously but I masked my face

"N-nothing" I "calmly" replied

"Layla, I know when your in distress, I can feel it, I am your dad. Talk to me about it"

"Dad, I'm nervous about taking the alpha position" I shakily replied

"Why?" Dad asked confusedly

"What if the pack doesn't want a girl leader? Would they even like me? Would they even take orders from a girl? Would they take me seriously?"

"Layla, listen and listen close, of course the pack will like you, heck they will love you, your strong, smart, kind and a great strategist, well of course you are, you are my daughter after all, but all I'm saying you'll make an excellent leader and you always know how to make me be proud of you." He said with pride laced in his voice

"Awe thank you daddy"

"No problem, baby girl"

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