Chapter 1.11

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Chapter 1.11

Leah Black

Alpha Caleb stares at me furiously, not once breaking the eye contact between us.

A mildly threatening growl from my side makes him look up surprised, before he finally catches the hint and gets off of me.

With his head, he makes a motion that I needed to shift back right now, and I make it known with my eyes that I would not shift back into my human form, as long as he could see me.

He keeps staring at me stubbornly, while he does shift back into his human form. I squeeze my eyes shut when I hear his bones snap, knowing that he'd be naked once reverted back to his human form.

"Open your eyes, Leah."

Carefully, I do as he says, and I see that he has put on a short, his torso still bare. I begin to relax a bit more.

"Did you really think you could run away? That you could escape me?" he growled, keeping his eyes on me.

"Shift back right now, before the consequences grow worse."

I gave him an angry stare, and shook my head.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," he mumbled, and comes towards me with intimidating steps. He grabs me by my neck, making me squeak a little bit.

He starts dragging me out of the forest with a smug grin, completely ignoring any sound of protest that comes from me.

"Did you really think you could get away?"

I cast down my look, and stop squirming to get away from him.

He was right; did I really think that I could get away with this?

I immediately shook the negative thought out of my head; it was always worth the try. Maybe it did not work this time, but I did manage to find something out.

His fur was white too.

A white fur.

"What are you staring at?" Alpha Caleb asks me on an annoyed tone as he too stops walking.

Shocked by the fact that he busted me, I look away. It earned me a small chuckle, something that – unfortunately – sounds like music in my ears.

"You know, Kitten, if you shift back, you could use that tongue of yours. Then you can ask those burning questions that keep popping up in that pretty little head of yours," he said airily, and gave me a challenging look.

For a moment, I consider shifting back, because then I could – like he just stated – use my tongue and ask the questions.

How it could be, that he too had a white fur, seeing as he's anything but a weakling.

"Or you can continue showing off this stubborn behavior of yours, and get to deal with the consequences at home."

I growled lowly, as a sign that I did not agree with both of the options, but Alpha Caleb just acts lightly about all of this – annoying me even more.

"Shift. Now!" he then roars in full authority. His order rings in my ears, and I took back a couple of steps in fear as I shook my head.

"Right now, Leah!"

My eyes turned a few shades darker, and I look at him, tormented. An Alpha order couldn't be ignored, and somewhere deep inside me, it hurt me that my Mate had used an Alpha order against me.

"I will control myself, nothing will happen. Shift back, now."

I gave a disgusted look at the muscular man in front of me, and stubbornly shook my head – not that he gave me much of a choice. Alpha Caleb had ordered it, and an Alpha's order could not be ignored.

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